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Problem with PIP appointment

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Just received my reassessment PIP after returning it 7 weeks ago. It's for the 9th Aug and I am away from the 7th to the 22nd. I will have to cancel and rearrange it but will I get penalised if I say I am going on holiday? Has anyone else cancelled for a holiday and it was ok? I feel physically sick about it and I am dreading ringing up. Thanks

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Hi Sammtank, i cancelled my appointment for f2f as i was going on holiday. They said ring us when you are back which I did. Thought they would ask at assessment loads of questions about how i managed while away but they didnt mention it. No need to worry.

Its been 6 weeks now since my f2f and not heard anything except a text saying we have the report and you should hear within 4 weeks.

On the Capita PIP website it says

"Please contact Capita's enquiry centre on 0808 1788 114 to discuss the possibility of re-arranging your appointment.You will only be permitted to cancel an appointment once."

I would imagine Independent Assessment Services (ATOS) are the same, although their website does not say.

The law actually says DWP can re-arrange appointments where the claimant has good reason for not being able to attend. So if you have to change it for a second time, and Capita or Atos say No, you can ask DWP to over-rule their decision.

I rearranged mine as they wanted me to go to an assessment centre one and a hours away and I knew there was one closer. The woman was extremely nice but she said I wouldn't be able to change the date again unless the reason was exceptional and they would deal with these on a case to case basis. I can't see why you rearranging or the reason why would be brought tonyiur assessor's attention. I suppose they could ask about days out and holidays and how you manage but your answers would be the same as at home "I need help". The onkgntime the ability to go in holiday would be questioned isnir you said "I am literally housebound" but you could undertake a long journey. Rearrange and enjoy your holiday don't get too much nicer a tan of when the assessment comes around they will think you look too healthy, lol.x

I found this one of the many reviews from employees of CAPITA doesn't make good reading..

I worked at Capita full-time (Less than a year)


None as the Job title is false


60 hour weeks. No regard for staff . Asking you to amend reports which ethically you knew were correct the first times . Basically Capita are just the DWP in another name and they are there to save the Government money . Ashamed to be part of such a scam

If you believe there are no weekend work ha think again . Be prepared to work 7 days a week and for less than 10 pounds an hour as the high salary is false when …

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Advice to Management

Listen to your feedback and act on it . Your high staff turnover should be a red alert but you seem to ignore this

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