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Fight the exhaustion! 😴😢

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Hey lovely peeps. Struggling with the sheer exhaustion atm can anyone recommend something that could help me with this. Thanks

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I wish I could, I have been exactly the same the last few weeks😠.

Hope you feel better soon xx

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SarahIddles in reply to milo4

It’s awful isn’t it, I’m finding it so tough at the moment.

Thanks hope you do too X

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If you do get the solution please let me know too :) x

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I'm still looking for the answer to that one. Resting when I can, drinking plenty to avoid dehydration, trying to keep cool etc.... I love the heat, but it does wipe me out xxx

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SarahIddles in reply to Hazel_Angelstar

I love the heat too that’s no a problem, but just can’t shake off the overwhelming feeling of exhaustion. I can sleep for 9 hours a night and i still feel like I haven’t slept for a month! It’s really getting me down x

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No,but if you find it, do share! It is a tricky one. What with resting n waiting being so painful, exhausting n boring too. Basically we run out of energy n until we can make more, it is a problem. N we are a bit rubbish making the energy. Suggest stoicism n patience. If you have any tips how that goes, do share!

Does it help folks really struggle with this symptom? You are not alone.

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SarahIddles in reply to Al10

Just wondered if anyone had found something like a tonic or multivitamin that helped with this. One lady recommended a syrup that she found was great, I know I’m not alone in these feelings that’s why I asked if anyone could recommend something that helped them!

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Yes it's good to hope. Think folks are telling you, they haven't found anything yet. The CFS/ME teams are just as helpful. You could try meditation? They say it helps. Pacing? But the research on which it is based is shady.

It is said, We lack the easy ability to Make energy. Once we are lacking it can take 2 weeks to replenish if we don't keep dipping in and using it. In reality it isn't even that simple. Stress and living eats into our low reserves. I guess what I'm saying, you can help yourself by not stressing it.

Don't keep fighting your bodies cries for rest. Is that any more helpful? I find exhaustion irritates the heck out of me. It feels horribly depressing to have to do nothing, while life goes on without me. Being told not to stress n meditate while my body is screaming with painful exhaustion is more than I can take, but hey ho, we are all different hey? You might like?

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My consultant recommended co enzyme q10 ubiquinol as it converts the food we eat into energy !! Something we are all desperately short of. It also lessens the brain confusion, I take one a day and pay about £11 for a months supply, some companies give you one free if you buy two at same time, so I only need to order them every 3 months, definately worth it.

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SarahIddles in reply to Shazzzy

Thank you I will certainly give it a try. Are there any side affects you get? X

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None so far and I've been taking it for months, all the best

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Hi I was falling asleep everywhere at my desk in work stopping at traffic lights driving it was horrible. I went to my Gp and had blood tests done I had a defiencey in b12 so have been having injections every 3 mths and feel better since. I still have tiredness but not quite so bad. I certainly can tell when I’m due for my next 3monthly injection. Hope you find this a help x

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SarahIddles in reply to Annmarie09

Thank you for Sharing that Hun I’ve actually got blood test booked in. Seeing dr tomorrow too x

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D-Ribose powder helps. Not the capsules,they have no effect and work out more expensive.I have a teaspoon of this twice a day and it does give me a bit of energy. I certainly notice the difference if I forget to take it. No good for diabetics thoughx

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