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how do I appeal the first tier tribunal descion


hi I was wondering if anyone can possibly help me I am a carer for my husband, my husband has been in receipt of PIP for the last 10 years plus he suffers from GAD and personality disorder carpel tunnel and nerve problems in his both legs. He had a medical last august which he failed so we took it to the tribunal which we went to just yesterday 13/06/2018 now we do this every two years without fail and we win the tribunal but this year has been a night mare we were there bright and early and they made us wait 55 mins as they were running late and we got there were 5 people who to be honest was very intimidating they did all there questions and what not my husband broke down as the questions did get very personal and then they told us go hame as they were running late when we got home they told us the appeal was unsuccessful now I dont know what planet they are from the stress and pain these people cause on a daily basis , so we are now at the dilemma what are next step is some say we can appeal the first tier if we can do anyone know how please help as we are at our witts end

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Hi it is terrible .they will have all the records at tier .but you really need expert advice here I would try get wellfair rights or try benefits for work on this as it is all about points a d points of law asap .as do not think you will get right advice on this here .try phoneing around for appointment or email at benefits for work


Hi there sorry to read your post could you give our helpline a ring and ask for some advice, I have read at least 3 posts today with this , I’m so very sorry that they make genuine people go through this process and end up getting distressed. Hoping you get some more friendly advice from our members, I can see Ajay has already commented, let us know how you get on and next time you will have better news xx


Do you have a law centre near you

Citizens Advice

Thay should point you in right direction even if unable to help

When you get your letter it will inform you on their what the next step is

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