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Great Guide to Claiming PIP

This is one of the best guides to claiming PIP that I have ever seen. Better still, you do not have to pay anything to get it. You will find it here:

It takes you through the Personal Independence Payment claim form question by question, with lots of prompts on what to consider and reminders so you don't leave anything out.

Congratulations to the writer who has done us all a great service.

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Thanks for sharing, will have a proper read through later xxx


Hi had a read it is and will be helpfull to others

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Hi releasethemagic,

Thanks for the post, it will really be a great help to everyone who is going through the process 👍👍


thank oyu for the post and link ,have printed it off to read through before i send further evidence to the HMCS.


thanks very much for sharing with us - it looks excellent!


Thanks for the guide. Excellent


Thank you for this invaluable information


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