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Don’t pharmacies have phones?

I order my medication through the Patient Access app. I do my pill box every Sunday night, take an inventory and order what I need. I ordered my painkillers (the wrong painkillers going by every Fibro thing I’ve read but the doctor won’t give me the right ones so it’s all I have) on the second because if you order before the 25 day limit, they deny it and ask you if you’re taking too many! I’ve lasted until now so I went to pick them up on the way to work (so not feeling it today, I’m so tired) and they say that they can’t get the brand of medication I’m on in, but they can’t give me anything else without a doctors prescription because of health and safety and liability of maybe I’m allergic to the plastic or something 😡 so they printed out my prescription and told me to take it somewhere else and hope they have it! But they obviously went to sort out my pills when the order came through so when they realised they didn’t have it, why not ring me and tell me! I could have gotten a different prescription or something but now I’m without and hoping to catch other pharmacies after my shift who might not even have them!

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Hi just a bad service this .I had similar as you and they requested it from docs took 3 days fir diff dosage and month till they got them back in .try phoning round first to see if any chemist gor with boots get tex message when presciption is ready to pick up and they 're order same presciption every 2 months .hope you get your meds ok


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