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Is there anyone who lives near me,who understands what I am going through?


I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia

20 years ago and it has totally changed my life.

My Partner left me,I can't work anymore and I am depressed.

I don't have a life anymore

I just exist..

I live alone and hate it,but have no choice.

I am on Pain Medication and Antidepressants.

I have tried almost all recommended treatment to no avail.

It's the loneliness that affects me even more than the pain.

I would love to meet people in my area who feel the same way

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HI ClaraKat

Thanks for sharing your story. Where are you from? You might be able to finds a local support group by looking at the FMAUK web site

Best wishes and stay in touch.

What area do you live in.

3CatsClara in reply to Patdoyle

I live in Hastings,East Sussex

Patdoyle in reply to 3CatsClara

I live near Liverpool so you are a bit too far away to meet up. Try to find a support group. It’s hard on your own to cope. X

Where do you live? Any local support groups to meet others living with chronic pain? Best wishes Steve x

3CatsClara in reply to Stevejj

I have joined 2 Fibromyalgia Groups but they only meet once a Month and hardly anyone goes.Mainly only me and 2 or 3 others.At least it's something,I don't understand why more people don't go coz I know there are loads of sufferers down this way?

Stevejj in reply to 3CatsClara

No I don’t I go to a group and loads turn up of all ages with different pain conditions it’s good talking to others who are going through the same xx

Where abouts are you Clara? x


Your story reminds me of my own. My only friend is the cat in my avatar, Chinchilla. I’m afraid I won’t be able to meet you because I’m currently in Brazil. I’m sure you will find support and friendship nearby if you look into support groups. Health issues have the good side of awakening compassion and support among people. Good luck 🍀🤗

I go to a FIbro Group in Dulwich, South East London. It’s made such a difference to my life. There are so many around now, please look up which is the nearest to you. Don’t give up.

Good luck.

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