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Next round

Well the GP appointment day is here.......this is supposedly to go through my medical and my depression and anxiety issues and get the information I need for my PIP Not holding out much hope of them helping and understanding but my partner is going with me so he can tell them how he sees it affecting me daily from his point of view......the update from IAPT is that he has put a request for a community worker to come and do an assessment and see how they can help and also on waiting list for one to one CBT!! Will see if any of these happen and yesterday and today I’m really struggling with my legs and feet!! Hope everyone is all having a better painless day xxx

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Hope the appointment goes well hun. Please let us know how you get on. Take care and gentle hugs xx🤗

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Will do but will probably turn into a venting 😂 you take care too xx


Good luck with the appointment - you never know it may prove more helpful than you expect . I had to wait about 3 mths for a CBT appointment, I attended a group course and I did get some bnefit from it. I know it's frustrating waiting for things to happen and unfortunately the wheels of bureaucracy do turn very slowly at times but at least everything has progressed somewhat so fingers crossed it all works out for you. Take care. x


Fingers crossed but been fighting this for nearly a year now but hopefully will get somewhere this time x


Good luck!


Was yet again baffling and frustrating 😒 x


Went to my appointment and was given ranitidine for my hernia and GORD issue and then sat and spoke about my depression and anxiety and then the fibro saga!!

So doctor says that the hospital physio referred me to chronic pain clinic with a note for fibro but apparently after months of been under pain clinic and the discussion of fibro and meds etc... the doctor in hospital put chronic pain and not mention fibro!!

I now have to go through it all again from scratch with blood tests been took at 9pm tonight and then see Doctor next Tuesday for results and referred back to hospital to rheumatology to go through everything again to rule out everything again and for clinician to put fibro in letter to doctor and not chronic pain!!

Can anyone please advise me as I feel I’m missing something all this because of one word of chronic pain instead of the word fibromyalgia from the doctor in hospital as I asked for a letter for pip??

Thank you in advance as I’m feeling so down and confused as to what I had all the tests for in 2015/2016 and been on meds to have to go through it all again so the hospital to state fibromyalgia in letter to my GP!! 😢😢


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