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I’m sorry to moan but things have got to me today and I’m feeling really low.

We haven’t had much snow in our town but it still has me housebound. The whole town has been covered in ice and I know I can’t risk falling over and needing to go to hospital. Anyway what’s really got to me today as I’ve had to rely on my parents who are both in their seventies to get me some bread and milk. In their time of live I should be looking after them surely. I hate being like this.

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Hi Tinkerjack1912,

Try not to be too hard on yourself. I'm sure your parents understand you're not well enough to leave the house.

They are probably very happy to help you in any way they can- after all, in their eyes, you are still their little child. And it probably gives them a reason to get out of the house, maybe gives them a purpose and it's great that they are able enough to do it.

I'm sure when you are in better health you do your best to help them too- and when you are feeling better you can return the favour.

Again, don't be too hard on yourself.

Take care,

Mags 🌹


Thank-you x

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This weather is such a trying time for anyone with a chronic illness that can't get about, youre lucky you have such wonderful parents that are looking out for you as mags says I'm sure they are only too glad to be useful to someone, I'm their age and I always love to be asked to help if I can, I'm sure you help them when you can, take care


I am very grateful to have such healthy parents, they are amazing and don’t look their age one bit. I’m just having a bad day I guess. Xx

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We all have our bad days hun and I completely understand that you feel you shouldn't be asking your parents for help. However it is a blessing to have a family that pulls together when needed and helps each other out. I'm sure there has been times and there will be again when you help them out in some way. Also you would do the same for your kids so don't feel bad or guilty, it's what parents do. Take care and try not to get too down, spring is just round the corner! x


You are right, thank-you.


I think we all hate this weather and I can tell you tinker..I am a mum and even with this condition drop everything for my daughter.. she was rushed into hospital and I had to have her daughter as her partner was away... what I am saying as a mother or father I am sure... we worry about our kids (all the time) and would do anything for them.

I am sure on a good day you could invite them round for dinner to say thanks .. if you don’t want to or can’t cook.. order a takeaway!

Healing hugs xxx


I’m fairly sure your parents will appreciate being needed -they would have jumped at the chance to help you and so don’t feel guilty , when the weathers better I’m sure you can treat them to thank them


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