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Lupus & fibro = HELL

So I was diagnosed with lupus 11 years ago started to get it under control a few years back and bam diagnosed with fibromyalgia too, both have very similar symptoms which infuriates me !! Lupus flares so does the fibro 👎 it’s hell im 25 I feel like my life is not and will never go anywhere, I’ve nothing to get up for nothing to look forward to everyday is getting worse and I just can’t see how things can get better infection after infection a week vacation in hospital lots of days stuck in bed , no motivation no hope I’m so done 😓

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I am sorry to read this. You mentioned infection so I presume that you had antibiotics. I read recently that some antibiotics can cause inflammation and fibro.

If you wish I could PM the link.

There is hope you are young. Your age is on your side.Take care

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I’m back at the doctors tomorrow so I will mention it thankyou x


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