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Excitement in hospital

My youngest who is 27 and has special needs broke her femur last Monday so has been on a ward with several ladies with dementia. Life is never dull on the ward but today a man burst into the ward followed at speed by a security guard and was dragged back out!

The lady in the bed across from my daughter has spent a lot of time previously shouting she wanted the police , so we thought she would be traumatised by this interruption. Instead she exclaimed , I wonder where they get all their energy from !

Made me chuckle !

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She sounds like a right character, I'm glad your daughter didn't get traumatised, I hope she won't be in too long, it must be very draining on you with all the travelling back and forth to the hospital

Gentle hugs Rosie xx 😊


Sorry to hear about your daughter hope she's on the mend now, and will soon be home. People with dementia don't really realise what they are doing, it can be very upsetting.


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