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Fibromyalgia support, updates and breakthroughs

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1990/91. This was before it was taken seriously, many people had never even heard the word. It was a time when it was somewhat embarrassing or uncomfortable to say it because I wasn't sure if the person I was telling would believe it was a real diagnosis or would they ask me what it was because they had never heard about it. I rarely wanted to converse with someone in either of those 2 categories. It was rare that I would tell them what I had and get the comment even close to "wow, I understand that can be difficult to deal with" or "me to, I was diagnosed with that as well". Now that so much has changed and I have learned ways to decrease symptoms with my daily routine, I have no idea about new breakthroughs, information, doctors views about fibromyalgia. I would appreciate any info on ways to talk to others with fibromyalgia.;-)

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Hi allisonloveslife, one of the ways to talk to others with fibro is by posting on here so you have already taken the first step. I see you joined a few months ago so it is really nice to see you reaching out. You will find lots of advice and information through the forum both from our friendly members but also our main site, fmauk.org/. The main site also has details on how to find a support group in your area. Hopefully there is one close by where you can meet up and chat with other fibro sufferers in person.

In the meantime I would like to wish you a belated welcome to the forum. I do hope you keep posting as I am sure you will have a lot to offer as well as gain from chatting to others on here. However I notice you haven’t locked your post. You don't have to do this but you are likely to receive more replies if you do as many of our members are not keen on responding to unlocked ones, as they can be accessed by people outside the community. Instructions on how to do this can be found on the link below but if you get stuck please don’t hesitate to ask for help.


Take care and I look forward to seeing you around. x


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