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Fibromyalgia Support Needed

Hi there,

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in January 2016, when I was only 17. Now, almost two years later I’m still really struggling with how to cope with the pain and anxiety that comes with it. It’s hindering work, Uni and social Life.

If anyone has any tips on how to manage, that would be great

Best wishes, and a happy new year!

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Hi Hun theirs different ways for each person to cope but the main thing is are u getting enough sleep Cos with me my pain is worse when I don't sleep. I don't think u learn to cope but more get used to the pain and tiredness, try to not get stressed is a good one as that always makes it worse as well, on this forum their is some amazing people some who's had fibro years some that's new to it so u can get some great advice, Iv ur finding the pain is even worse don't be shy to talk with ur doctor don't suffer in silence and come join our forum and join in or just read it's helped me no end and of course if u would like to chat message me any time sending hugs 🤗 shibby xx

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Hi. Big hugs to you. 17 years of age; so much to cope being so young. Much respect to you trying to keep your head above the water. There isn't a template for what works for everyone. What works for one; doesn't always help another. It really is trial and error for what works for you. One of the great things about this forum is getting ideas of what you may want to try. I would suggest even writing down what you have tried and the results. You may get to a point that the list gets quite long and you might forget. In my experience the pain never goes away, you learn to cope, manage and not get stressed by it. Stressing only causes more pain. The psychology side of things is as important as physical. Look after your mind, try to stay positive and seek appropriate help. Wishing you a great 2018.


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