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I had nothing wrong was given Bowen therapy which I was told was great and I regrettably agreed to it after my body got all the ailments that it's supposed to help it had changed my muscular capsulates and I was out of tune I was weak subluxion my pelvis tilt changed my neck stopped my feet arch went flat I went up a shoe size my wrist ached and my writing changed as my pen holding wasn't comfortable I got shin splints I got tmj rounded shoulders and diagrhram tightness put on 10kilos and complete brain fog and dissociation now have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia I now reserch to find a cause my pain relief is hydrotherapy

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Afternoon I'm a very sorry to read this is what happened after the treatment I had not heard of that before so just looked it up. Are you recently diagnosed with fibro ??? Welcome to the forum I'm hoping you will benefit from joining our members are a friendly bunch , very helpful to exchange experiences and friendly advice .im sending you a link as in general it does generate more responses from our members if posts are locked as anyone on the internet can see not just our community here's the link healthunlocked.com/fibromya... hope you find that helpful and again welcome look forward to reading your future posts xxx

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Thank you this group is the first time I have ever used Facebook so I'm not sure what I'm doing but it's exciting to share with people I'm in Australia so cool to be able to talk xx


How/why did this happen to you with this treatment? Looked it up and there is a 'practitioner ' in my town.


I had Bowen in2004 I was 24 after I had chronic pain people told me I was crazy so I studied Bowen to see what had happened to my body now that I understand the internal change that happpened I was angry and pushed for more science based research into the module but there is a lot of people who shut u down when u question the thruth especially when they make money off the vulnerable some people say it helps them but it destroyed my body I'm now 39 and my plan is to bring about medical reserch into fibro pain I'm shy but I feel it's my place to bring on as much research so lives can be improved I live in Perth oz and am trying to bring awareness to the condition. Hopefully I can bring awareness and research so we don't have to feel like there isn't light at the end of the tunnel Understanding your body and why there is pain can be empowering It's scary when you don't understand why your body is not ok I was ready to disown my own body it took me a while to accept I now am on a disability pension so I don't have the stress of work and my daughters 21 so now I have the space to explore my research I wish it wasn't me but someone's got to fight for the future of people with fibro together we can make a difference


I applaud you in championing more scientific research. I don't want to be a nuisance but if there was nothing wrong with your body before this treatment then why have it in the first place? X


My daughters father came home one day and told me to come to his step moms house when we got there her sister had a massage table set up and told me she wanted to do Bowen on me I didn't know what it was and was not comfortable but she got annoyed told me to trust her I felt bullied she was training to be a therapist and needed people to practice on when I went home I felt different instantly like a change of energy that scared me I had pain lethargy and brain fog I rang her up and said what has happened to me she told me I was crazy so I spent the next 10yrs trying to find out what Bowen had done to my body I did Bowen modules and realised my muscle skeletal were reset


Thanks for your reply. It’s terrible how that happened to you. I’m very naive about this condition but am willing to listen and learn from other sufferers. I don’t know what scientific research is going on but hope and pray someone somewhere is on the case. Take care X


Thank you xx


Hi I've personally never heard of a treatment such as bowen therapy being the trigger for fibromyalgia ....

My first thoughts reading your posts are that the therapist was still at the training stage ... therefore maybe didn't do the movements correctly

I've had bowen therapy myself a few times with 2 different practitioners

1 is fantastic and I always feel the benefit of a session with him

The 2nd left me in so much pain afterwards that if it had been my only experience of bowen would have put me off for life.

With all complementary therapies ... the benefit an individual gets will vary. This depends on how the individual reacts to the treatment; the training and experience of the therapist etc.


Hi I agree that everybody's different I was bowened by the top instructors and every part of me that was bowened got the ailment that it was claiming to help my body responded to the moves badly because I didn't need any resetting I was set correctly so the reaction reset my body to a state of subluxion the moves make a certain change in the layering of the muscle structure


Interesting ... tit's the first time that I've ever heard of bowen causing additional problems in a healthy person. But I get what you are saying xxx


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