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I'm not sure where to post this but my feet are burning me really badly and I'm not sure what to do. For weeks my feet have been getting cold to the point they go numb and I'm not sure why because I don't leave the house due to anxiety and I also always where socks. I now have chilblains on my toes that start burning me at the same time every night and stop by morning. What can do to calm them down?

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if chilblains are itchy calamine or witch hazel helps a little. Other than that I haven't a clue so will be interested to hear what others say. Haven't a clue why I get them on the thighs never on feet - but then again I'm odd :)

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Hi hun you will hate this BUT to get rid of chilblains you need to stand in a bowl of your own urine--no kidding it foes work...


Afternoon just a thought would it be helpful to ring your surgery and ask to see the practice nurse there normally can be on hand to deal with this type of thing rather than keep suffering , and I'm sure like most of us you would have tried different things to help along the way. Sorry to hear of the anxiety, have you recently seen your doctor for a catch up, just wondering if he/she might be able to have a home visit arranged for you, if they know your medical history of not leaving home it would take away any stress of not having to go out , so I really hope that can be arranged , have you a family member that can make a call on your behalf should you feel not up to making the call yourself. So I'm sending my very best wishes to you. Not sure Shanji if you have come on to this forum as a one off as I don't know if you have fibro or not??? But should you post further people tend to respond more if a post is locked and not just open to anyone on the internet, here's the link healthunlocked.com/fibromya... again best wishes and take care


Hi Shanij, sorry you are struggling but I agree with Yasmintha that it may be a good idea to call your doctor especially as you have been suffering for weeks. I have put a link to the NHS website which provides information you may find useful. Take care hun. x



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