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Think I in denial

I am 60yr female and up until recently worked full time as a health care assistant. Work only part time now. Last year was having pain in shoulder and after couple months had a rotator cuff repair and debrassion. Was told I had osteoarthritis that was in my hands and wrists also. Fingers slowly looking deformed now. Have difficulty using my hands doing general things and anything fiddley that needs doing goes out the window. Had a trapeziectomy and thumb fusion recently. Which if I honest regret having op. Hand becoming useless now. Hips,ankles feet and knees are swelling and painful. 3 months ago because of constant pain and difficulty sleeping, in fact it's 3.30am and still can't sleep, the doc has now diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. Do other people have same symptoms as I not sure I have fibromyalgia or maybe I in denial.

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Are all your vitamin levels adequate

they are great bunch on this site so join in and ask as many questions as you need

With any long term health condition their is a grieving process we go through

Welcome to site


Hi you can be in denial with diagnosis.i personally would keep an open mind still early.have you seen rumatologist.night pain try do less during day.your not in denial I'm similar in convinced it's not fib.been through it all to much grief.good luck


Hi, did the Dr. do the tender points testing, that is pressing on the tender point areas of your body. I would find out who looks after Fibro in your area. Like an umbrella organisation and ask for advice. Ask for name of a GP who might have a special interest in FM and get another opinion.

You say you are in constant pain but there can be many causes. And you need further investigation I would say. But it all takes time. It was 2 years until I got a definite diagnosis.

Take care of you in the meantime. Koala9

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Hello S840, reading your post was almost like I had written it. I too had a Trapeziectomy on my right hand in feb, but still having pain in it. It is a different pain though, but often wakes me up , along with my painful knees, hips etc,etc !!! I too, have fibro, and osteoarthritis, so can really identify with what you are saying. I am on the waiting list to have my left hand done too, but it is a bigger job this time as the arthritis has completely dislocated the thumb and needs more work to put it straight. After the op on my right hand , it was sooooo painful [as you would know] and cried a lot at all times of the day and night, and thought that I couldn't go through it again with the other hand. But as time has gone on, my left hand is just getting worse, so what can you do but try and help yourself, whatever the outcome.

I am 51, and up until January this year, was a florist. But I have now had to give up a career that I have done since I was16. The pain in my hands and wrists was getting unbearable. I agree with you , that we are often in denial. We take medications to dull [not get rid of ] the pain ,and just carry on regardless, because you don't want to admit you need help. I too carried on working, when really, all I was doing was making things worse for my body. Florists are cold places to work, and we all know how the cold effects our joints !!! Also, it is my speciality to slap my face on, smile, and look like everything is fine, when really everything just hurts !!

So, my darling, you are not going crazy, there are a lot of us that know how you are feeling. It is a godsend to be in contact with other people who understand. take care luv Mandy xx

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