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My fibromyalgia was mainly due to the pill

Hi all,

I just wanted to share my experience and maybe help some other lady out there if their fibro symptoms are coming from the same cause as me.

My fibro started around 8 years ago and was diagnosed about 3 years ago. The diagnose helped me to understand what was happening to me as I was hurting everywhere for no reason and I was always exhausted. I never knew what cause my fibro and I was always convinced that if I found the reason why it started, I would be able to make it better. At some point, I was feeling so bad that I almost stopped working.

I finally found the reason, it was from the pill I was taking and I am feeling much better since I stopped it.

The last few years, I was feeling better, but I wasn’t totally sure why. At that point I didn’t realised but it was due to the fact I started to take a new pill. At the beginning of this year, I had to change pill and I took again the pill I was taking few years ago. Within a month all my symptoms came back (especially the painful muscles in my legs and my feet so painful that it is difficult to stand or walk). The symptoms came back so quickly, that this time, I was able to realise that the pill was causing my fibro symptoms. I decided to stop it straight away. The effect of the pill took about 3 months to start wear off. After that I was hurting only a week before my periods. And now it depends on the month sometimes my feet hurt a bit before my periods sometimes they don’t.

I have taken this pill for probably 15 years, and at first it didn’t create any problems. If you don’t know what created your fibro, I would advise you to stop the pill for at least 3 months and see what happen. I have a relatively a good health and it just didn’t make sense.

I am not free of symptoms, but to compare when I could barely stand up, there are so much improvements. I can now lead a normal life, even if I feel tired and my muscles are still a bit sore. I can go to the pub and stand for several hours. I can walk for 30 minutes without hurting too much. And I can also take Insanity sport classes, which would have been totally unimaginable few years ago.

I hope that it will help few people. I know how fibro feels and I am happy to be almost cured of it.

Take care,


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Hi Delphine;

It sounds like some of your symptoms may have been a result of side effects from taking that particular pill rather than the pill causing your fibromyalgia. Xxx


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