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Frozen shoulder

After having niggles in elbow an shoulder for a few months yesterday I woke to find I couldn't lift my arm without excruciating pain in my shoulder. On with the heat pads and ibuprofen. Driving to work was difficult, had to change gear with my right hand so good job I didn't have to drive far. Rang Drs surgery who said someone would ring me back. By 10am I got a phone call offering me a physio appointment at noon! I went and the guy was horrified at how tight my muscles were. Like plastic ! As it was an emergency appointment it wasn't a full one but asked me to come back at 5 o'clock when he could spend more time. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to be seen . He has tried his best but not loosened the muscles very much. Have another appointment next week. The pain in my shoulder is like tooth ache and excruciating pain when I move in a certain position. Was supposed to have my daughter this weekend but still can't drive. Very frustrating and very painful.

Is this a fibro flare?

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Hi Hun- I was told 4 times I had a frozen shoulder, injections were put in with no effect, I insisted on a ct scan- hey presto I have calcium deposits growing on my shoulder which stops my arm in the socket from rotating, it is mega painful;I cant lay on it, I cant put pressure on the arm at all nor reach up high to get anything, I have seen an orthopod who is going to operate on it on Nov 1st he tells me the treatment will burn it away, and he will hope to see if there is a hole in the bone were the calcium might be leaking from.. Ive had injections in elbows with good effect for tennis and golf elbow.as for muscle stiffness I have always found warm water soaks like a jacuzzi or hydrotherapy have helped me enourmously, maybe ask the physio if they can arrange a few hydro sessions?


Thanks for your reply at moment waiting for surgery to ring me back re pain relief. It is like toothache a numb ache in the shoulder all the time til I lift to a certain level then the pain shoots through. Problem is I am trying to relax with heat pads and massage cushion but I am holding it wrong so it makes the muscles worse

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I know what you are saying- my arm muscles hurt too if I try to rotate the cuff or reach up high, apply pressure, I have been applying voltarol gel and I have a TENS machine that helps the muscle pain.


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