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B12 update

Hi I posted about 14 days ago I was found to have a b12 deficiency well it seems to have helped with my pins and needles not sleeping as much, but the big one for me was my gums they seemed to be reciding, I have a bridge at the front and I could feel all around it were I had not been able to. It must have happened so slowly I just thought it was age, well after just 2 weeks I am not able to feel it again. I have looked it up now and it is were the saying "getting long in the tooth" comes from as a b12 deficiency was common. I am sorry so far I can't report in any fibro changes but I have stopped whisling when I talk 👍👍olivia

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Hi Olivia, I am also B12 deficient and I also have receding gum problems. I didn't realise these could be connected. Hope the problems don't get too bad for you. This fibro keeps giving all sorts of problems.

Take care



Hi David no I had not put the it together but I was surprised how quickly it was reversed wouldn't be lovely if the fibro could be sorted so easy olivia

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Interesting about “long in the tooth”, I had no idea! Glad it is helping your gums if not fibro. xx


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