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Feels like I'm fitting

Hi I have been diagnosed with fm for four years now but recently been having pain in the side of my head and just when I am dropping of to sleep my whole body jumps violently it last for seconds but can keep happening up to about 10 times in one night I have spoken to Dr about this but he just seems to think it's a phase? The next morning I'm so tired and my back and muscles hurt from the way I have pulled myself about. Wondered if this happens to anyone else?

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I was taught that if a person is fitting they are unaware of it but I don't think a GP can say it's a phase. A phase of what ? I'd say it needs investigating, I'm not sure if it would involve an EEG or observation.

I've jumped once as falling asleep, think that's common but to be aware of it being more should really be investigated.

Just as a thought, is there any way you can film yourself , or is there someone who can observe you ? If you could take a witness to the GP s/he might listen more. Or ask GP for a referral to a neurologist.

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