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Hmmm...not sure where to post...🤔

But I'll try here first.

I have recurring pubic painful are these little devils? It's not ingrowing hairs...I do know that but I'm not writing the reason here....I get them prob every month or so. I've been to my GP and she seems to think it's because of my T2 diabetes. I really don't know but it's b****y sore! I can hardly bear to sit down. Has any advice? I don't have a bath just a wet room as I'm unable to get in and out of the bath so soaking it isn't an option.....😔😔😕

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Hun I suggest you go over to a mother sight we have- click on my communities and find endometriosis , the ladies on there discuss numerous ladies complaints and hopefully somebody will have a similar experience to talk about- good luck..


You could try washing them with warm salt water. Doesn’t your doctor prescribe you any cream?


Do you get the boils any where else ? Only my niece get boils there and she also gets them in other parts of her body.



No...nowhere else...just on the pubis/groin area...x


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