Oh Silly Silly Me, but at least I'm working on having a Positive Mental Attitude!!!

Went to Sainsbury's today and had a coffee with a friend and of course I returned home completely exhausted...Now come be honest with yourself Karen...You were completely exhausted before you even left the house! Managed until 6.30 pm without any pain relief, went to bed at 7.30 pm and fell promptly to sleep. I then woke up with a start (in pain of course) and through my foggy vision I thought that my alarm was saying 5.55 am and I thought whey hey I've slept all night...Ha Ha Ha laughed my 'Fibro Clown'...it is now only 10.55 pm and you've only slept for your normal 3 hours' Yes my alarm was lying to me...it was only 10.30 pm... so...Good Evening All!! xx

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  • I do that alot fall asleep between 5-7 and three hours later Hello!!!! No one's awake but me and will be up for hours in pain!! And lately getting bad muscle cramps in calf's and toes😲 hope your asleep by now🌛💤. Chris

  • Hi Chris, yes thank you I managed another 3 hours! Interesting what you have to say about cramps in calf's, I been suffering with that for years and have always put it down to my varicose veins but maybe it not all their fault. Pain in fingers and toes is again something I have always suffered from but was told many years ago that it was probably muscular rheumatism! Another light bulb moment, thank you x

  • Many times I have done that fallen asleep in exhaustion and woken up about 20mins to a few hours later and to me it feels like a brand new day etc and everyone’s like you haven’t been asleep long

    I hate the exhaustion/ insomnia etc

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