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Possible fibro & dyhdracodeine

Well doc is still doing tests to rule out other things had so many bloods done recently,last one was for b12 which has come back normal,I have been getting more symptoms of fibro over the last 3 months back pain,shoulder now bad stiff neck and pain and bad knees.im having dizzy spells every day now,light sensitive and different floor textures like stripes and others make my head spin also getting headaches.i recently went to Gp again who has prescribed me dyhdracodeine 60mg ,a wk ago I've been taking 1a day and paracetamol 8 a day and I'm still feeling pain.i feel so down and feel like things are taking forever with my Gp I just want to know if I have fibro so I can accept and try to move on as best I can,any advice would be great thanks x

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Did you get copies of your blood test results ? Drs will very often say normal when you're at the bottom of the range. You can get B12 deficiency symptoms ( and Vit D and iron deficiencies) when you're at the bottom end of the "normal" range

My private blood tests said B12 low ( and I had symptoms) but GP said within range. I chose to self inject and a lot if the symptoms ---- hand tremor, shortness of breath ( which was extreme) and tinnitus went first.

Worth getting copies to check your levels.


Will definitely get them and post them on here.


Hi, did your Dr prescribe just 1 Dihydracodiene ? That doesn't sound much for severe pain, I take three a day sometimes when the pain is really bad, paracetamol do nothing for me, check with your Dr, also those lights with headaches could be migraine, Take care


Ye he has said start at 1 a day then go on to 2 if I need too I've been taking the 1 for a wk then I'm gonna go to 2 I work so I'm just getting used to the 1first, I'm not getting migraines its the light I can't tolerate bright lights.


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