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Careers Allowance

Hi Folks

I wonder if anyone can clarify a point about careers allowance for me. I was under the impression that if you claimed Careers Allowance the money to pay it would come out of your DLA or PIP. Now someone has told me that is not the case. I am now totally confused. Tried to look it up but I find the gov.org website to much to handle now! Any help would be apperciated.

San22. Y

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My son is in receipt of PIP, and DLA when he was under 16. If anyone is in receipt of PIP or DLA then a person caring for a person (doesn't have to be related) for 35 hours or more per week can claim carers allowance or if the disable person is on the higher rate of PIP/DLA care.

It definitely does not come out of the persons PIP or DLA, its paid directly from DWP and is £62.70 per week.

Hope that helps?

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It will not come out of your DLA or PIP but if you claim ESA and receive the 'severe disability premium’ on top of it, you will loose that part if someone else claims carers allowance for you.

The severe disability premium’ is like receiving carers allowance for yourself

Hope this helps

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