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Government Article - Assessments


Has anybody on the website seen this article from the Government dated 29/09/17 in the change to them assessing people.

Good Luck

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Morning mattjoachim

I haven't fully read this link as yet but was aware that Universal Credit (UC) was starting to be introduced a while ago and I see Disability Rights UK also recently shared an article about it too, see below;


I would advise that anyone who has received a form for UC to consider contacting the FMAUK Benefits Advisor and/or visit your local Citizen Advice Bureau for further advice.

Here's the link that contacts the contact number for Janet, FMAUK Benefits advisor plus some other usually website links for members claiming benefits;


I suppose we will need to wait and see how this will affect us as it is implemented throughout the UK. Is anyone already on UC ?

Hope this helps :)

Emma :)

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Thank you for this info mattjoachim. Ive just returned my ESA form and proofs. Its a worry from the time it drops on the door mat and takes so long to complete when writing is difficult. Just a waiting game now so fingers crossed. hugs Joolz.x


Think there realising that it is costing them a lot of money for no benefit retesting many as paying those comanies with there feet under the golden .gov trough is very costly


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