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Possibly Fibromyalgia?

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I know tests are the most reliable way to get a diagnosis, however, I am being awoke almost every night from severe pains in my knees, radiating into my hips, and my arms are in pain in my elbows, shoulders and wrists. I notice it is really bad after I do anything physically active, such as mowing the lawn, or if I'm on my feet cleaning for long periods of time. I know you can't diagnose me but do these symptoms seem like anything is remotely related to fibromyalgia? Please help me I don't know much about this?

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Good Afternoon PMV1

This does sound a lot like Fibro to me, but obviously not a doctor. Fibro is very hard to diagnose as there is no set test, what you will find is that you get tested for lots of other things and when they come back negative you end up with Fibro as the diagnosis. Have you spoken to your GP about this and are they being any use?

Our mothersite (link below) is really useful as it looking through some of the posts on here as they are very informative :)



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Hi there PMV1 I see this is your first post so let me wish you a very warm welcome to the group. The truth is anything and almost everything can sound like it is related to fibro. That is the reason the doctors need to run so many tests to rule out any thing else causing you those type of painful problems.

It could be you have OA and it is flaring up for example. You could be low in Vit D for another example this too causes pain. With out talking it over with your doctor there is no way of knowing what the problem is.

I would strongly advise you to make an appointment and speak with your GP who hopefully will be able to do some blood tests. Please keep us informed we would like to hear how you get on xx


Unfortunately, this could be caused by other illnesses as well as fibro. I think this would be best to go to your GP as they could carry out blood tests to eliminate any other causes. Please let us know how you get on.x

Sadly it takes months and months (often years!) to get diagnosed properly! I've been treated for fibro for about a year now but my new doctors still not sure if I have it or not, good luck to you!! Xx

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