Fibromyalgia Mystery Solved - Fellow Fibromite clearly states how many of us feel about this article!

Fibromyalgia Mystery Solved - Fellow Fibromite clearly states how many of us feel about this article!

Hi everyone

Hope you are feeling not too bad today?

I found this and wanted to share as I know the 'Fibromyalgia Mystery Solved' comes up a lot on the community and usually it's been shared with the picture 'Breaking News' , similar to the one above!! Many members then comment about how it is nothing more than a hypothesis that has never been researched further.

It's so disappointing, however I think it illustrates the need for everyone with any chronic illness to evaluate articles and not accept information is accurate just because it is online. I think the writer captures how many of us feel when we see this and the disappointment that follows ......

Please see excerpt below

Once again there are articles being posted all over social media titled “Fibromyalgia Mystery Finally Solved!” I’m reading one that was sent to me, dated a few days ago, but the strange thing is I know what the article is going to say before I read the words… That’s right, I’ve read this before. This isn’t something new. The article was only posted four months ago, but I read it this time last year, about six months before that and a couple of years before that. This is an article that has been repeatedly published with the same title. (N. J. Gatehouse 2017)

She continues ......

Every single one of these articles had a title like “Fibromyalgia Mystery Finally Solved” or “Fibromyalgia Is No Mystery.” They all spouted theories, sometimes quite in depth, but what was interesting were the statistics. In one I had read, they had scanned 30 people to verify their theory; 10 of them had fibromyalgia, nine of whom tested positive and so did a few of the non-fibro patients. Those seem like pretty weak statistics to be going on, but the article claimed the mystery was solved. Almost a decade later, I’ve heard nothing more of that theory and we’re still no closer to a cure.

Imagine the impact of that article getting my hopes up and then letting me down, times it by 100 articles that did the same, and suddenly we see the reasons why I am now a bit of a skeptic. I don’t get my hopes up when I see these articles because it hurts so much more when nothing comes of them. (N. J. Gatehouse 2017)

To read more visit themighty(dot)com and search Response to online articles claiming fibromyalgia mystery solved

All the best

Emma :)

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  • That's good to hear, as so many read it and get false's so unfair

    Sorry to hear your pain is not so good today? Have you tried Capsacin cream ?

    See this post discussing muscle creams for more information

    Hope it helps

    Emma :)

  • Hi Emma thanks for the article, always helpful ,I was reading an NHS page up to date 2017 which states if you have primary sjorgrens as I do you have fibro going hand in hand with it amongst other things if your unlikey !

    Hope your doing ok , won't say well as you have fibro 😔 But I hope it's not flaring ! xxx

  • Hi ya

    It's definitely more difficult to control the symptoms of Fibro if it is secondary to another condition that is a stressor to the body and we all know that Fibro reacts to stress levels.

    I do feel for you and hope that you are able to find a way to control the Sjogrens to limit the affects on the Fibro monster!!

    Take Care

    Emma :)

  • Hi Shadows-walker - I have sjorgrens- it came after fibro and fibro came after ankylosing spondilitis!! who do we really listen to? I treat my sjorgrens with an oily mouthwash otherwise others make me very dry, I chew gum a couple of times a day too to keep saliva, as for my ears, nose and throat??? I need to ask my Rheumo doc next visit as the dry throat causing coughing which sets off relfux and acid up my gullett-- I do take a PPI twice a day

  • Thanks Emma for posting this.

    I've lost count of the number of times that some well meaning relative or friend tells me about "new treatments, or research" that they've heard or read.

    We won't give up hope though, probably at this very moment, there are scientists working away in some laboratory trying to solve the mystery of Fibromyalgia.......there is, isn't there? 😂😂


    GP. 😊😊

  • Hi GP

    Thank You for your comment :)

    It definitely goes around and around ...............makes me dizzy thinking about it LOL :)

    As you quite rightly say, we all together as one Fibro Community must always fight Fibro and keep the faith that proper research will be done that will eventually provide us with the answers we need and deserve!!!

    Sending best wishes

    Emma :)

  • Emma did you pick these articles up written in or by a US person by any chance?

  • Hi Caz

    Yes.....they circulate don't they?

    The article excerpt cited is by a fellow person living with Fibromyalgia who has written an article for the Mighty(dot).com about how she feels seeing these articles over and over again!! Captues how we all feel I think .....

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

  • I trust very little from the US about medicine that has no known cure or cause yet, I trust the more qualified surgeons though, they can do more for conventional treatments than we in the UK can,t yet

  • Sadly when I first saw this article I did get my hopes up. You see I'd never heard of fibro until I was diagnosed with it in December 2016, so this was all very new to me and so. Fell into the 'hopes up' trap.

    I've now seen this article many times and each time it's given as 'breaking news'. I'd like to believe that I know better now.

    Big hugs xxx

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