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Friday good samaritans day

Went to get in car to go to doctors surgery isn't walk able for me where I live pressed button on my fiesta car to start button said No oh dear no family at work called a neighbour who was puttin out his bins jump start leads a no go then nxt door neighbour appeared connected his fiesta to my car yippee got to docs room full of people thought oh dear in for a long wait but 4mins later locum doctor called that was a piece of luck good call after 6 days of feelin rank on top of our daily symptoms I have alcerated throat just had the medicine yuk but hey ho in 3 days time if that works brill at least I can sing ( diffo think we pick more things up than others yet we properly don't go out as much) thank god for the lovely people xxxx

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Don't you just hate it when something goes wrong with your car! Lucky your neighbour was able to help.

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Usually when the weather gets worse lol


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