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PIP assessment copy arrived

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Hi all, I hope your all as well as you can be x

I wanted to give an update to give hope and some faith back in humanity lol, I got a copy of my ATOS report and it's actually not bad at all really to spite a few (very small) discrepancies 😊 It would appear in whole the assessor paid attention and didn't try to paint me as a fibber phew!! I've been so scared, anyone in a similar position all I can say is just be brutally honest, even with the embarrassing stuff and sometimes the assessors are ok, I'm waiting for the final say so from DWP but I dare to be positive !

A.c xx

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Hi Anyac81 I'm so pleased your assessment went well my friend and it's good to hear a positive storey. As you say, gives us a bit of hope πŸ˜€

I wish you lots of luck

Luv Jan xx

Hi there

It is always nice to hear a good side of the DWP for a change.

Good luck. I hope that you get a positive result.

Take care of yourself

Lu xx

Thank you 😊 I'm quietly hopeful, I'm not sure how much DWP go by the assessments, or how much they look st everything as a whole but keeping fingers crossed! I will update on the outcome x

So pleased for you. I feel I had a fair assessor who actually listened and I got the award I had hoped for and I sincerely wish that same for you.x

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Thank you 😊 I'm still a bit nervous lol, but feeling much more positive about the final outcome. The assessor suggested only 2 year award due to my surgery 'could' improve things, I was hoping at least 3 years lol but I don't know if DWP follow the assessor decision or they make there own decisions based on all the evidence? x

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The assessor has a list of questions to ask you and types an interpretation of your replies and considers the evidence you have sent in. They can make a recommendation but the final decision is made by a DWP decision maker. From her remark it looks as though she is recommending you get it but with a review in 2 years. They tend to do that if someone is due to have some treatment that possibly can improve their condition. Fingers crossed that DWP go with her recommendations.z

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Ah I see 😊 If things did improve after surgery that would be great! So makes sense x

Hi Anyac81

I am truly delighted to read this my friend and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your outcome, and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I didn't know we could get a copy before a decision has been made.

Could you tell me what you had to do to get it.

Had my face to face 5 weeks ago and still not heard anything.



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Hi that's a long time? Your over the time limit they have to stick by, they say after assessment you must get the answer in 3/4 weeks 😯 I called the PIP customer services number, I asked if they had the copy of the ATOS report yet, they said they did so I requested a copy, they were happy to send it, it's sent 2nd class so takes about 3 days x

The report does give a fairly good indication of how many points your likely to get, however it's up to the DWP to decide in the end, I'm still waiting for the decision x

Definitely give them a call, I hope you get the result you need x

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