Off piste

Sort of.

And in Hamburg.

To give or not to give is a choice

Bouncing madly away from Ginawen

Take a minute to listen. And send prayers, good vibes or what ever up into the ether. Soothing and calming tinged with a bit of humour with respect to the ☆☆☆☆ And hope that ☆☆☆☆☆ can love the ☆☆☆☆☆ and be the better man! give him a hug and send him on his way. With the result of if no bridge is built at least it won't be knocked down.

One for one and one for all

We have to work together right.



One two three




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  • Well said that man!😁 #onelove #yourock #ninjananna ❤❤❤

  • I hope the flat feet haven't come between them.

    Those edit stars must be called flat feet then.

    I love it.

  • Nice Nedd. But I'd take issue with 'living for today'. That is our world problem. No thought of what kind of planet we are creating for future generations.

  • Have been reflecting on your take on the words.

    If you just take the line living for today you have a powerful point. But in contex I think he can be for given for using it.

    It's an anti war song.

    It never occurred to me to see it that way. And I bore my friends witless whittling on about the need for conservation.

    Here's to us all working toward a better future.

    (The butterflies have just started to emerge around here. And what is the local farmer doing, hedge cutting and taking the verges back as far as they can. Depriving them of wild flowers to feed on. I take heart that in Sweden they hang back on verge cutting until. It's the small things that count).

    Have a good one.

  • My world is full of foolishness. My community group planned to sow wild flowers at the back of the village green. The suggestion was to spray the area with bloody Roundue weedkiller first. Give with one hand and destroy with the other . I've stopped it. Yeeha


  • Makes a body howl doesn't it?

    It seems that we like to sanitise our environment. I like to walk canal tow paths. Easy and flat. One runs out of steam when one meets any sort of incline these days, but the upshot is there are lovely untamed stretches along the banks sometimes. Quite gladdens the heart.

    You should see my postage stamp garden. I feel I have to compensate for the councils tidiness. It's all wild and untidy. They do say your garden reflects the soul.

    Thing is what are we teaching the children!

    And how the hell did you stop the roundup. Good on you.

  • The lady who is supplying the seeds was horrified when I told her so together we were a united force to be reckoned with. I live north of Inverness so still plenty of wild land around.

    If the garden reflects the soul ....... mine at the moment veers towards things to eat and lots of sprawling exuberant shrubs. And chickens. I'm lucky where I live. Mixed woodland at my back door that is community owned.

    Glad you enjoy your canals walks . Lots to see there if it's quiet.


  • I do love this song , although it can be a tad overused, the words will always be poignant and timeless. Unfortunately they will no doubt fall upon powerful but deaf ears. It's down to us to put them into practice. Also love "Across the Universe", makes me think things can be beautiful when I listen to it. Sending peace and love to the masses xxx

  • You have to believe that postitive vibes thrown out shake the worlds music up for the better.

  • It seems like our young people are turning more and more to violent protests. That is quite sad. Growing up with heros to inspire peaceful protests, i don't understand why this has taken a trend.

    I do wish people could be more peaceful. It is sad that people use excuses to inflict harm onto other people. It just shows people's true colors. People have a right to feel but not harm others.

    Take care×××

  • Picking up on your point. I wonder if we should introduce children to the idea of do no harm at school. I like you wish that we could be more peaceful. But I think some demonstrations always got out of hand at times. When emotions run high it doesn't take much to flash. And it's not always the young!

    Its interesting to note that the power failure in New York in the seventies prompted much looting. And it was the poorer districts that took the worst hit.

    so to me Lennon and his appeal for sharring and a brotherhood of man maybe has much to say today.

  • Well i think it will be more complicated than that. As here in US, at least most schools, have a Zero tolerance for violence, that means you can't even defend yourself as then you would be punished. I don't like this. I will always teach my children to defend themselves if being attacked and have oldest in martial arts, so that they do have the knowledge for that if nessacary. As there will always be violent people. We can't stop that entirely.

    I think in order to reach what you are talking about we need to teach the kids more philosophy and how to be more mindful, in the sense of know why you feel how you feel, why other people WILL feel differently as we are all different.

    Also people need to accept that our morals are different. Not sure how to teach that acceptance.

    In my country right now there is a massive divide between Rural and Suburban/urban. Suburban& Urban people don't understand life in rural. They assume and don't listen when someone from the country say why they need laws to be a certain way- so they can live& visa versa. People get violent over what they don't understand.

    I feel that there is a rush of people demanding certain quirks (for a lack of a better word) be accepted, but are intolerant of other ideas. Intolerance can't work. I believe true tolerance of others and finding true middle grounds for laws (so that everyone has the most amounts of freedoms without trampling over others rights& freedoms, my husband thinks I'm crazy for thinking this is possible, but i have faith in humanity) Is maybe all that will work.

    You tolerate a crying baby in a restaurant, you aren't celebrating it, you are co-existing with it. That is what we need to do. Co-exist.

    I don't have to like what you do or how you do it, you don't have to like my way of life, but as long as we aren't hurting each other or trying to prevent another from living their full life then,,,, who cares.

    I knows I'm an odd ball for thinking this would work for society to be this way but i feel it is the only way for people to co-exist. In my mind this is the only way to end that sort of violence.

    (There will always be people that can't tolerate that which they don't understand or like or what they think is immoral.) It is unfortunate but true.

    Ps i heard on YouTube a young person saying that the TV people don't pay attention to nonviolent protests and that's one of the reasons why.

    That is horrifying to me. If you want someone to take you and your cause serious, it has to be done civilized and with care. Violence will never work, at least not with the desired result. You don't make friends with threats. :)

    I use young person loosely, as an early 30s person i include myself in this and pretty much anyone that is young enough to run around and cause a ruckus.

    Take care×××


    Just throwing you a link. And apologies for the fact the the BBC now require a sign up procedure.

    I thought you might be interested though.

    Thanks for batting the ball back maybe we can put the world to rights between us.

    I agree violence will never work only subdue for a bit.

    And to take the ball in a different direction. I wonder if interference in other countries affairs ever really helps. Change has to come from within.

    After all if some third party started to mouth off about how our counties run thier affairs. If the ideas differed from ours we would take a very dim view. And be right hacked off.

    Here's to Co existence.

    Give and take

    Live and let live.

    Over come with love man.

  • No i don't think governments should be messing with other countries. Not sure if you have every heard of the trey parker and matt stone's: Team American. It makes fun of our government for that. I think the majority of us or at least i feel like it is the average person, that feels we should work on our own problems. No joke we send unfathomable amounts of money to "help" other countries, what help is it providing, i don't know but i know we could use that money to fix or own debt and issues. Like no joke, we borrow money from another country to send it to a different country. I want us to focus on healing or own problems before trying to help others. Kind of like pouring on your own air mask on the plane before helping a child or someone else. We have a lot of problems, like most places.

    I hate that our country has that expectation , i have seen youtube video of people from other countries saying we are the only ones that can help and like it was our duty to be involved.

    Along with the way i expressed before. I don't think anyone should be telling anyone or any other country how to live.

    It is none of our business how another country runs it's affairs, plan and simple. People have different ideas of morals and that is it.

  • I am with your husband there. Change can only come from within. And it is the parties concerned business. There are probably exceptions, but politicians do not give due care and consideration. And intervention will mostly be self serving. I am not against financial aid. More military. Now we are so removed from the realities of the damage that can be reaped by someone miles away. It's chilling.

    We do not know others culture or what the historical contex is. If you help one side for example what about the others.

    There has been a brilliant BBC radio 4 programme called our man in the Middle East. That has been an eye opener.

    Never heard of your Team America. Shall have to suss it out.

    Pause for thought,

    be on the look out for fake news

    I am.

  • Oh yea, it is hard to find a source to trust as far as news is concerned.

    I don't get my news from tv. I watch videos from both sides of arguments on line andTry to work out reality and fairness from there.

    Yes, i agree that the usual of government is self-serving, which i wish we could find a way from. But unfortunately anyone worthy of being in government wouldn't want the power and someone that wants the power typically will not be responsible with it.

    I feel as far as the middle east is concerned, i don't think we should be involved. I don't think the average person knows about the boarders that were drawn after ww2(i think that was when it was). And the issues that it caused and how it had led to what it is now. (Or from what i have learned)(it's hard to know what the full truth of things are) but either way, i feel it is none of our business.

    Well if you aren't against financial aid then that is still helping in my opinion. You aren't giving the addict drugs but you are giving them money so they can get the drugs they want. Or the other country guns or bombs but giving them the finances to buy whatever they want. (If the other country has issues only they can fix it, but i do think we could say if a country has issues with getting clean water, help them teach them how to get and clean the water they have. Not send them a million bottles of water and fix nothing only make ourselves weaker and they stay broken) (some of our own cities waters are beyond unacceptable)

    I promise the people of America aren't into us going into other people's business. We don't really get to vote on those types of things. We elect people that represent us and makes decisions based on what they think the people want in their community (more accurately based on the morals they ran their campaign on or completely change and do what their best interest is) and we can only wait and vote other people in if a better candidate comes along.

    And really our options are sad. Where the candidates come from and how they are chosen are just ridiculous and i wish there was a way to change it.....But I'm not going to bore you with that conversation. I really could go on and on. :) growing up in a country that is called the land of the free, with the right to Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and to eventually learn the reality of things was hard for me to except. I had such a grand idea of our freedoms and that is sadly not the reality.

    From my understanding we are giving money to multiple sides of wars/ whatever going on across the globe. It is hard to keep track of and really doesn't make sense when i started looking into what my country is doing. My husband keeps better track then i do. But when your money is going to both sides of a conflict that you feel you shouldn't be part of, it is maddening.

  • Just noticed your post isn't locked. If it isn't locked anyone online can read it.

  • My husband said a lot of the stuff we do is because we are obligated by the NATO agreement.

    So I'm not sure if that helps anyone understand that it isn't just America being some bully or whatever. We have to do things because of Allies. There are so many layers of things to understand in all of this. I know i don't know them all.

    I feel most people are just living and trying to make it day by day. I know as a fact i do not impact my government at all. And in order to do so would take way more effort than i could dream up and years of dedication to specifically that and loads of money. So i have accepted that and unless things go crap crazy fast i plan on focusing my life on learning all that i can and moving myself mentally andspiritually as i can toward what i believe is forward; raising individuals that are intelligent and brave and capable of fulfilling lives that bring them the most happiness and love. I hope that if i live my life as i feel is best and with the most love, then others around me will do the same and that it will spread and maybe one day we can live in a world where all can live with kindness and compassion, even for that which they don't understand.

    Thank you for going back and forth with me on this. It was nice to chat with another person on this. Though, i was surprised it was not deleted, as we aren't supposed to talk politics.

    Anyways. I was wondering, if you could answer. Why other countries protest our president? Like we were saying, the parties involved are all that can fix it. We are the ones that have to work with him as a president.

    I remember seeing another country protesting " not our president" and I'm like correct, he isn't your president, he is ours. But maybe there was something i missed. (It would be the first time :) )

    Hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks again for chatting about this with me.

    Hope you are feeling well today. ×

  • Wonderful thought my friend :)

  • i is hoping that you are rolling along ok. And enjoying your garden.Take care. And don't work too hard.


  • :) :)

  • Nah, you've lost me. Bouncing madly away from Ginawen. I don't get it.

  • Very off piste.

    If did come from your post about empathy. Putting yourself in another's shoes. Choosing to lighten another's life a little by caring and understanding. And doing the right thing.

    Ideas firing off at the slightest. I had just read your post when the G20 meeting flashed on the news.

    Our choices inform the way of the world.

    And Lennon's song says it all I reckon.

    Imagine a better place.

  • What is Right? Understanding and compassion for all yes but moral is too individual to have a "right "thing to do. We may think the right action are different actions. There for there is no right or wrong only our opinions of what would be best for the greater number of people or some other bases that could be agreed on.

    And even to that, my opinion of what would be best might be different from what you think is best.

    Also what is Ginawen? I have goggled the crap out of it and i can't figure it out. Is it just a region of Europe? As that is all i could get from my results and that's guessing.

  • Hahaha.... GOOGLE COULDN'T FIND ME! It's just little old me naturalnikki . I put a post on about empathy/lack of empathy and Nedd has kind of linked his thinking to that post. xx

  • That's hilarious. It makes sense as he said that in his reply, i just didn't pay attention to your name. Haha. That's such a me thing to do. :)

  • An area in Europe?....I'm gonna google it now...intrigued!

  • The google fill or whatever when you type in one word and it guesses what your next word will be...

    I typed in ginawen and it suggested ginawen Europe. But the results was nothing but Facebook and other stuff. So i guessed. :)

  • But i guess if it was an area there would've been a map with the area highlighted.

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