Fibro/still hypothyroid?

Hi I have come here because I am certain my gp thinks I have fibro or a mental health issue because of my ongoing symptoms - depression, brain fog, irregular periods, constipation, fatigue, gritty feeling in eyes, weight gain, cold intolerance, anxiety, fluctuating appetite, weight loss, insomnia, pins and needles, twitching muscles, low libido, pains in joints. I am being treated for thyroid but gp says results are normal no action and she has asked me at the next appointment if I feel no different to start me on antidepressants? Thank you

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  • Hello Hotchpotch34 and a warm welcome to our friendly fibro forum where you can get help, understanding, advice and support. Our mother site has a wealth of information including guides and links. There is an opportunity to send a fibro information pack to your GP surgery anonymously if you think your GP lacks knowledge of the condition.

    We are not medically qualified to give you a diagnosis but a lot of your symptoms do fit the criteria of fibro. There is a thyroid forum here on HU where they can give you advice on the symptoms that occur with a normal in range test. Go to My Communities at the top of the page, click, then click on Browse Communities and go from there.

    If you think you are not being taken seriously by your doctor, then I suggest you see a different doctor either within the Practice or change surgeries all together. Please do not be pushed into taking medication you don't want.

    I took antidepressants for ten years, with all my symptoms of joint and muscle pain, rashes, migraines, dry eyes and mouth, circulation problems all being put down to anxiety and depression. I went from one antidepressant to another as they failed to work and I was told all my symptoms were psychosomatic. Finally a young locum ordered a blood test after looking at my medical history and it was found I have Lupus, Sjogrens and Raynauds. I feel really bitter about those lost ten years, so please follow your instincts and do what is best for you.

    I would ask your GP for blood tests to eliminate any other conditions particularly autoimmune before he comes to a final conclusion. Don't leave it like I did.

    Looking forward to seeing you around the forum.


  • Ok thanks I have 2 autoimmune conditions but neither are being dealt with.

  • Hi Hotchpotch34 There are variety of illness and treatment so it is not easy to say what causes what and as individuals we are unique in that medication is based on our symptoms and conditions.

    Most people suffering from serious or long term health conditions seem to have depression and anxieties but as I am not a professional I would recommend speaking to your GP about your concerns.

    I have sent you a link on symptoms and treatments

    Please also take a look at our mother site where you might find up to date information

    Good luck on your journey my friend

  • Hi

    As bluebell99 suggest look on Thyroid UK site

    Often results come in the so called normal range so no treatment but often we feel better when kept well underage .Their are places you can send to have your own blood test done and they will e mail results to you GPs only test for TSH but you really need all Thyroid test done .

    Also worth asking for vitamin levels to be tested as well.

    Unfortunately we often have to fight for ourselves when GPs are concerned antidepressants are handed out all to easily and are not always necessary.


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