Hi Everyone

I'm new here, here's my story so far:

Pain started after a sprained ankle, October last year. Took a few months to heal. In the December pain below right hip. Drs ruled out Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Smear and swabs fine. Had an ultrasound which was clear and full blood count came back fine too. The pain then started around lower back and left hip too. So painful that I was sent from Out of Hours to have emergency surgery for suspected appendicitis. After staying at A&E assessment, it was decided that it was a gynaecological matter and not my appendix. Off I go to gynaecology with suspected Endometriosis. Sent home with anti inflammatories and strong pain killers. A few weeks later I had an appointment with a gynaecologist. After examination it is decided I do not have Endometriosis but the gynae wrote to GP suggesting Fibromyalgia. In the meantime the pain is in many places, head, neck, ribs, feet.. most places! In A&E with terrible pain at the back of my neck and shoulders, told to go back to GP as it's an ongoing investigation. New GP asks if I think I may have health anxiety... by this time I am probably suffering with anxiety as I have all these unexplained aches and pains! Seen regular GP, referred to have a hip and back X-ray and more blood tests for inflammation... everything came back fine, no arthritis or inflammation. Past 3 weeks my eyes and nose have became dry and it feels like there are lots of ants crawling around my skin! Dryness and skin complaint are being treated as hay fever at the moment, medication not doing anything for either. Fatigue, tingling hands and feet has come along with these symptoms too. Oh, and the suggestion from the gynaecologist of these symptoms being fibromyalgia, didn't go down too well with GP. Apparently, I am not someone who would suffer with fibromyalgia!! I know it's early days as I've read it can take years for a diagnosis. It seems everything is being ruled out, which is great. Thank you for reading up to here. Has anyone gone through anything similar? I'm 32 with 2 young children :-/

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  • Hi Kel84

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted for you below a link to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:


    I quite often think it is easy for a medical professional to say Fibro when a patient presents with complicated issues, as the symptoms are so broad. That is not to say that you do not have Fibro but there could be a myriad of other medical conditions that are affecting you? *NHS Choices cache of Fibro symptoms are:

    *Widespread pain

    Extreme sensitivity



    Poor sleep quality

    Cognitive problems ('fibro-fog')


    Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

    Other symptoms

    Other symptoms that people with fibromyalgia sometimes experience include:

    dizziness and clumsiness

    feeling too hot or too cold – this is because you're not able to regulate your body temperature properly

    restless legs syndrome (an overwhelming urge to move your legs)

    tingling, numbness, prickling or burning sensations in your hands and feet (pins and needles, also known as paraesthesia)

    in women, unusually painful periods



    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hello and welcome!

    Your story sounds very similar to mine, I was investigated for irritable bowel syndrome and endometriosis, I can relate to so many of your symptoms.Have you asked your doctor to refer you to a Rheumatologist? ( especially as your doctor seems very sceptical) It is usually a Rheumatologist who diagnoses fibromyalgia. They would normally carry out the "tender points"test where you feel pain when pressed on certain parts of your body. Hope you get a diagnosis soon, in the meantime there are usually lots of lovely people on here who can answer any questions you have. Xxx

  • Hello and welcome kel84

    As you have already had TheAUthor send you the wonderful information i just wanted to say hi

    We are here to support you on your journey. I am sure you and other members have a wealth of information so please share your thoughts.

    Good luck on your journey :):)

  • Yes it sounds very similar. I'm 2 years with symptoms literally seen every specialist u can think off. Finally my GP admitted he was 95%sure it's fibro. Going to see a rheumatologist now. Oh and I'm waiting for an X-ray for arthritis in my hands too. lol

    I'm 37! (Feel about 90)

    Good luck and welcome. This forum is friendly, informative and u can rant at people who completely understand. It's the most amazing support.


  • Hi Kel - your story is quite normal unfortunately, but I have to be honest and tell you that you made me laugh. Your doc asking if you have health anxiety and your answer. It's kind of like when they are trying to diagnose you and push on a really tender spot asking if that hurts while looking the other way. Heck yeah that hurts!!!

    I hope you get to feeling better soon. Take care

  • Hi there. So sorry u are going through this- it sounds totally dreadful at a time when you want to be enjoying life with your kids. The treatment you have received is appaulling but no surprise as you don't fit into an obvious medical box and that is always a challenge! I've had a partial diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis but so much else about what my body is going through is unexplained that I think I have an uphill battle on my hands too. I am on my own with two young children and it's very tough. Hang in there. Sending you love and strength to keep fighting xxx

  • Ask to see a rheumatologist, good chance of getting correct diagnosis. Reckon I've had fibro for nearly 30 years, diagnosed after one appointment with rheumatologist!

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