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Ive noticed theres a few people on here who are going thru the pip process or r in receipt of it ..i wanted to knw is it ok to apply whilst ur stil employed ???? My pip form has been acknowledged and im waiting for my face2face ...ive been off sick since jan and at the moment theres no pressure from work

They have said they will do as much as possible for me wen im ready to come bk i.e phased return amended duties/hours

But is being employed taken on as a good thing or bad where pip is concerned ?????....i cnt get esa as ive nt paid enuf n.i contributions and the income related one is zero as me & my partner have too much money??????...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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Being employed is not a problem, not means tested. However bear in mind PIP is awarded based on how your condition impacts on what you can/cannot do compared to someone who is not ill or disabled. Might be worth talking to Citizens advice or Janet the Benefits Adviser here tel. 08448872450. good luck xx


Hi Fiz16

I agree with tulips123 , it is how your condition affects your every day living.

If you are pretty mobile, say you use public transport or walk a lot then you would be very lucky indeed to get any points for mobility.

It is the same with the Care Component, if you can bathe and dress yourself, cook a meal and generally manage without needing anyone to help, you will not earn many, if any points.

Do you know what your boss will be doing to help you at work? Will it be enough?

It is certainly worth getting advice though and I would not wish to put you off.

Some people here have received PIP and are working, but as far as I know it is at the Standard Rate, not the Enhanced Rate.

Good Luck



Hi my friend

As the others have said, it is how your disability affects you that counts with PIP. As it is a non-taxable benefit anybody can apply. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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