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Are you allowed your own notes in front of you during assessment as its hard to remember everything. Reply asap assessor coming for home assessment 9.15am

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Yes you are and have someone with you if you can. Good luck.

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Thanks weetam wife here anyway. thanks again

Yes definately. Especially on the sections where you think you will score the highest points you could actually highlight key words or do a few notes with the main things you want to get across.

I am presuming your wife is your carer? My husband was allowed by ATOS to also explain some of the things he had to do for me.

Remember it is not what you have but how it affects you so remember if you can't do a thing safely, repeatedly, without alot of pain and fatigue do try and get that point across. If you are saying you have extreme fibro fog do be careful how articulate you are. I know I lost points where I expected to score on the medication side as I could remember all my medication and what it was for so if permitted it might be good for your wife to support you with this section especially if she sorts it all out for you.

Good luck let us know how it goes.x


Thank god that is over


Just a waiting game now for the brown envelope

Fingers crossed for you.....x

Did it go alright, did you manage to get everything you wanted to say across okay?

Fingers crossed it goes your way Hidden


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Im pretty sure it went well but will know how well it went when letter comes. id give it all away to go back to work


I hope it all goes the way you hope it does :)

Thank goodness its over for you. I have mine tomorrow morning 9am. Dreading it. At least you can relax a little now.👍

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Good luck tomorrow. Hope it goes well for you xx

Virgo1 in reply to angiesmith50

Thank you. Be glad when its all over.xx

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Hi Virgo1 I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment on Thursday.

Sorry I was still in bed while you were having your assessment.

Had I been in time I would have said yes, definitely recommended in fact to have all your notes and paperwork in front of you when assessed.

Hope you got on ok and it didn't stress or tire you out too much.

Gentle hugs,

hi all capnb here,I also was tested for fybro but blood tests came back clear, I had a big fall 16 years ago and broke most bones in ribs pelvis wrists,11 years ago I had kidney cancer,that's when the probs started ,ie stiffness in mornin to the point of arms fingers shoulders in nigh on complete paralysis,I now have steroid inj and are now on fentanyl patches for pain as it seems the only thing that works for me,but the weight loss is baffling me from 17 stone to now 11 stone in less than a year, bad memory frobs are the norm as well,had all the scans cant find anything wrong,can u still have fybro with clear bloods pls help thanks

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I was diagnosed without blood tests. They cant tell thru a blood test thats why its hard when to comes to benefits for it

hi itsme 16 thanks for your reply,its a horrible thing to live with,they went down the line of polymyalgia, dont think they really know ,but its driving me mad now ,and have been suffering for two years,i have arthritis as well which dont help matters,ive tried every drug etc,think docs and hosp think im a hypercon lol,comes down to points around the body apparently estimated at 13 ,i only have eight but on both sides of my body ie neck ,shoulders elbows hips and fingers ,no sleep is the norm but fatigue is wearing me out now,as i say only thing helps is morphine patch ,but your body soon gets used to that and you have to keep upping the dose,is there anything that helps you with the pain thanks

I genuinely and sincerely hope that it went really well for you my friend and I that you get a wonderful outcome, fingers crossed for you :)

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