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Thought you might like this recent photo of my dog, Ava. She a 17 month old Sprocker. Her mother is a Springer and her father a Cocker Spaniel. She was a handful but has settled down more now and I love her a lot. She is good company and helps me when I am feeling down and unwell, which is most of the time. Still very worried about my health. When I do go out I feel rough and just want to get home.

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What a lovely looking doggy friend. They seem to have an inkling when we are not well and it is very comforting to have a wet nose and soulful eyes resting on your lap. My lab Libby sits on my feet too as if to say "stay there and rest mum!"

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Hi MLW-ava_23

Would you like me to copy and paste this text and add it to your post?

Please let me know.

Many thanks.

Lu x


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Yes OK, thanks.

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