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Could I have Fibro? Past few months been very hard

Hello everyone

Firstly let me say I hope you are all doing ok today wherever you might be and thank you for letting me join your community.

I had a few questions that I was hoping to get some reflections on if you don't mind....

I'll cut to the chase: 29 year old British woman, for the past 3 months I've been having strange aches in various parts of my body, although mostly my thighs and secondly my lower back. No medical reason for it that the GP can find (tons of bloods, Autoimmune and a back MRI ruled out). I wouldn't classify this sensation as 'pain', more of a dull ache or growing pain or maybe heaviness. The ache is noticeable when I am standing, almost like my thigh is locked or stiff after a few minutes - when I am sitting or lying I am most comfortable. I sleep fine. I have same energy as before (always been a bit of a tired person!) - i'm cycling to work, walking around just fine. But the aches are pretty much always there, varying depending on how emotional or stressed I feel (on holiday in Costa Rica I was feeling a lot better) - sometimes the aches move about (occasional stiff neck or random arm twinging) but the thigh/hip heaviness is pretty much constant. Dr now thinks its psychological and has jointly referred me to Rhematologist (8 week wait) and talk therapy. I mentioned Fibro, to which she was non-committal ('it's anxiety related so lets try a pincer movement of Rhemy and mental health')

It all started after I had an IUD contraceptive device fitted mid July. A routine appointment for women the world over, my first ever - had been on the pill for 10 years no problem but felt like a change for my body. Immediately after on the bed my right leg went 'dead' - a heavy feeling. Not painful, just heavy and achey. Dr was surprised and did blood pressure checks, I walked home and spent the night feeling sorry for myself with a hot water bottle and pain killers. Next day it subsided but still a bit achey - then essentially over the coming days the thigh aches were back. Although I spent 2 days walking miles around Florence on holiday, the aches in my thighs were still there in the background. During that following week after insertion (and to be fair, past 3 months) I freaked myself out with the dreaded Google of 'Mirena leg aches' and various other health conditions including Fibro, and convinced myself I had some issue, and got the IUD taken out a few days later. That following week sort of felt myself again (that I can recall - a little stiff but was able to muster paintballing with friends a week later!) but then started aching again which I put down to paintballing at first. But the aches never really went away - and the past 2 months have been pretty tough for me. Constant worry about my health, and feelings of aching in my muscles as I detailed above.

Bit of background about me - always quite a tense and worried person but otherwise no health issues. Been a busy year for me with starting new job (more stress), dad being unwell and part time study. Was fit and healthy, training for a half marathon which I had to can. I did get stiff lower back and neck over the past few years which I put down to bad posture and stress at work, nothing debilitating just annoying.

Could having an IUD fitted have caused Fibro?

Could it have simply caused a leg spasm, but then the accompanying fear and worry turned me into a wreck which has caused Fibro?

Perhaps this is not Fibro, but general anxiety aches and pains?

I don't mean to be disrespectful because I know a lot of you life full lives and have the condition, but I obviously don't want to have it - that is what is making me feel scared to be honest and probably worse! I am scared actually about posting here in case I get lots of overwhelming 'oh definitely Fibro' posts back, but wanted to reach out and seek people's advice and if I do end up with Fibro - well I hope I can be of assistance in return on this community.

Best wishes everyone


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Have you had vitamin B12 checked

Would you consider seeing a Chiropractor to see if their is anything they can do .

Welcome to the site to early to worry at present so try not to stress yourself anymore .


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Hi Lottie hope my post makes sense as I have had intense acupuncture late this afternoon and mind not firing on all cylinders. Have you had a look on the Fibromyalgia Action UK site to see whether you have any other of the symptoms linked with fibro?

There isn't any blood test unfortunately that can tell us we have fibro so it tends to be a process of elimination of other illnesses such as lupus, osteo etc that can give us overlapping symptoms. Also many people on here do have other health issues like I have that can sometimes confuse the medics as they don't know what is causing what.

Often a traumatic event, illnesses or medical procedures or a shock or prolonged stress can trigger fibeo. Many people on reflection realise they have had it for much of their lives in a milder form but them something triggers the full whammy of symptoms.

Prolonged anxiety and depression seem to be a trigger for fibro and in other cases the person first gets fibro and then becomes depressed and anxious because of the pain. Many of us myself included were very active individuals before they symptoms became very debilitating.

Many have bee diagnosed by a Rheumi so I am pleased your GP hasn't dismissed your fears but is in fact referring you to the right area. Hope you get some positive answers soon.x


Hi lottiewest

Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted you a link below to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:

I am so gneuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling and at least you have a referral to Rheumatology which is probably the best place to go to have Fibro looked at? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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