Sharp stabbing/shooting shin/front leg pain


Since yesterday afternoon (for the past 12-16 hours) I have been getting a sharp stabbing/shooting pain in the front of my left leg. It's in between my knee and ankle and shoots up along the bone towards my knee. It feels like a sharp stabbing/shooting fluttery spasm feeling if that makes sense. It ranges from a mild to severe pain and comes every few minutes and lasts a second or two. When the pain is severe it causes me to scream out. When I'm standing or walking it causes my leg to give way. Anyone else get this? Is this another typical symptom of fibro?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Do you have or ever had RLS?? My OH had it and he has all these issues.Tonic water id v hood for because of the quinine. You can get quinine from your gp I do believe as we can in the US.I wish yoy the best.Several have this and other similar issues.Sure you will get more replies. Take care.Peck 🐤

  • Hi, thank you for your response. Yes I do get RLS.

  • Hi sj8316

    It sounds like cramp to me over anything else.

    Do you think it could be that?

    Lu xx

  • Hi, thank you for your response. I guess it could be. Not sure.

  • Cramp is incredibly painful. I get it in my feet. Drinking tonic water helps with cramp due to the quinine in it.

    I have also recently discovered from another forum member (I think it was Greenpeace but my head is extremely foggy today) that you can also get quinine on prescription from your doctor.

    Perhaps you could try it and see if it works?

    Lu xx

  • I get bad cramps to and it's painful,I've had fentanyl patch added in.helps take edge off but feel nausea.x

  • Try donperindon (not sure how to spell it, sounds like the champagne) its an anti-nausea med x

  • Domperidone?

  • I get this pain in shin area every day tried all kinds of pain killers nothing seems to work. A hot bath helps

  • Could be shin splints maybe?

  • Hi, thank you for your response. I did question shin splints and read up about it. It could well be.

  • Your welcome!!

  • Hi sj8316

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and it does sound awful my friend. It could be being caused by so many different things that is would be best to get it checked out just to remove other medical conditions from the equation. As it is Sunday, if you have a walk in centre local to you it may be best to pop along there?

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hello. There sj...... Your post makes perfect sense to me, I can really feel the sensations you are talking about.

    Some days I put on clothes I've worn plenty of times before and they can start the awful stabbing pains. Like you I find the sensation, pain, itching and jerking so tough to deal with-I've been reduced to tears on many occasions. Sometimes it has been so bad it it has literally stopped me in my tracks, which upsets me further as I have delayed or postponed doing what was planned.

    So that's the bad now onto the good (I hope): As simple as this sounds I get relief from frozen cold packs, the types physio use (wrapped in a light cloth first)- I keep a few in the freezer ready to go. On occasion I have also put my tracksuit pants or pj bottoms in the freezer as well-in a bag first! I read this as a help for hayfever, thought it was nuts but tried it anyway & definitely helps, although they don't stay cold for long it gets over that initial stinging when putting clothes on.

    I have some capsicum cream 0.25% prescribed by the dermatologist which I use on rare occasion and very sparingly, as it creates another tingling sensation and I'm not sure which is 'easier' to deal with!!

    I have found antihistamine tablets work to reduce the sensation-these are prescription. I take morning & evening to keep well topped up.

    Change in temperature has a massive impact on the sensations I get, therefore I do my best to reduce sudden change: in the morning I unpeel the bed covers in stages -wrap towels around my legs and change my routine to shower at different times of the day to minimise the effect.

    Phew-hope my waffle can help a little. Sorry I've gone on for so long.

    Good luck with maintaining a status quo 👍

    TC Pea 🌻

  • It sounds like it could be shin splints to me ,they are very painful I get them regularly for me it is caused by having feet pointed down .I have arranged pillows oat the bottom of my bed one is a hard support pillow so I can push my feet against them foot in upward position and that seems to stop it .Hope some of this helps I know how painful it is .x

  • OMG! This is exactly what I had last year, and seem to shoot up and down my leg and settle in one area of my leg. That area became really dark, visibly so that people were commenting on it, and it was oh so painful to touch or have anything on it. After various tests, xrays & mri it was put down to another symptom of Fibro and I was prescribed Lidocaine patches which have gone a long way to help, but sometimes it does come back quite intensely, but not so much now.

  • It is very painful and seems to visit my shins quite often . I find the important thing to remember is to keep foot in an upright position even when you are relaxing on sofa . I I forget even for a short time I will pay for it . They blame everything on fibromyalgia which I think can be lazy doctoring , not saying it is in your case . Xx

  • That really does sound excruciatingly painful sj, and similar to cramp, which is something I am very familiar with. (Oops, sorry, ended with a preposition! The grammar police will be after me :D)

    I find that homoeopathic Colocynthis x 6 is great for cramp and it may work for you. It eases the pain within seconds, though you might have to take more after about 15mins to get rid of it completely. Take two tablets and suck them until they dissolve. Don't swallow them; the stomach acids destroy the bit that does the job. They are made of glucose so they won't leave a nasty taste behind.

    You can get them online, though a homoeopathic pharmacy might be able to get them for you.

    Gentle hugs, Anna.

  • I get all this am told related to fibro.but I get told all symptoms are.hope your okay

  • I can relate. Everytime I go to the doctors with a new symptom they say it's fibro and I feel I'm never really taken seriously. Makes me reluctant to see the doctor. My husband says if I went the doctors with my head hanging off they'd say it was fibro. :)

  • I suffer from the same. Right down my shin bone and into my big toe too. It gets really painful standing, then all of a sudden it changes from red hot pain to the feeling of freezing water being trickled down my leg.

    Mine comes from a compressed nerve root in my low spine. It would be worth mentioning it to your GP next time you have an appointment. Keep a note of when it happens and what you're doing at the time. Plus what stops it X 🐸

  • I've had this pain in different places, mostly legs - the worst is my ankles

  • Omg i have been get this mysef 3 wks ago left leg last weekend right lfg to now just getting back2 normal, swelling pain, shooting pain and touch pain was hard to walk even wiv cruchs weak and lightheded, rest and hopefully you will recover quicker gentle hugs ☺

  • I have these and it's partly from restless leg and partly because I'm flat footed. My doctor has me on a cream that's made by a natural doctor to my specifications, I use the water like stated above and they have me get special made shoes to take the pressure off. I know this hurts and I'm sorry you have to deal with this. I'm thinking of you;)

  • Hi. I too get the same pain. For me, it's nerve issues due to my back. But I get strange sensations everywhere. Lol

    By any chance do you have any knee issues? Because the nerves and muscles could be getting mad and causing lots of pain.

    Also like suggested it could be shin splints. You can get Canada dry for the pain.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi, yes I do have knee issues so yeah maybe it's linked to that.

  • Hi

    Sorry to hear that you have this problem I have the same as well as pain in my buttocks going right down to my feet when in bed at night which could be the siatica (sorry about spelling) nerve I put it all down to another Fibro symptom as there are so many, quinine does help and you can get it from your GP, but mine stopped mine as he said it had bad side effects to the heart, have had tooth ache for the last week but again that is another symptom God you think how many more.

    My son asked me how I was today when I told him he replied well at least your still alive which is very true.

    So keep on smiling through the pain and make friends with it, when it goes we thank god and wait for the next one to come and bite us on the bum you have to keep a sense of humour.

    Take care this site is fantastic to get things off your chest and don't feel alone anymore.

    Love & hugs

  • Got this in feet, legs, arms and shoulders 😎

  • Hi it's horrid, and is part of fibro. I could barely make it up the stairs as couldn't put any pressure on my left leg as had terrible pains all the way up through my hip from being sat on floor for too long. Not sleeping from pain and tablets don't seem to do anything. I was crying from pain, worse I've had since I did my back in last year. Just have to get on with things though. I empathise with any one going through this, but have found when I do manage to do more exercise it does seem to help.

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