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feet still hurting and rls acting up again

hi u all very best of friends. I wish I could visit each and everyone that I've gotten to correspond with you all on healthunlocked. it's been a while since I checked the site over. my feet are still hurting and my rls acted up at 5:00 am yesterday and it was a bad one. it was the first time it had given me any trouble in quite some time. my back has start to hurt all the time I stand up for 5minutes or longer. the only way I can explain to someone is to tell them they would have to experience themselves. Fibro told me awhile back that she lived near me. how close does anyone live to Robbinsville North Carolina?. i'ts 2:30 am here in the US now so I think I'll try to get some randr. i'll check back later.

God Bless everyone and hope all is well. Blair AKA Old Blue

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Good day oldblue-about 5000 miles away!! If concorde still flew I might come over and help you with RLS.. I think I conquered the problem (not had it for over 6 months now), are you able to get to a local bathing pool that has a Jacuzzi- that's a large warm basin shaped pool with hot water and bubbles blowing away at you from various directions in the pool-soz if you already know but in US you might call it something else!! I go twice a week with my daughther, she swims in the large pool and I sit and soak in the warm bubbles in the Jacuzzi, I have found for years now aquatics help enormously with muscle cramps, muscle pain and joint stiffness, you can stretch and pull at them under the water without pain. Keep intouch don,t be a stranger!!


hey caz-54. I just now saw where you answered me 2 months ago. unless a bell rings in my head I miss a lot that's going on. both of my tootsies ( feet ) have been hurting for a long time now. really bad they are. I saw three different drs. they don't know what's causing them to hurt. they hurt most on the entire bottom of my feet. if you have heard of anything like this let me know something please. Blair aka Old Blue may God bless you Caz


Well we definitely have several American friends out there so hope someone lives near but your country is such a vast place I know you have different time zones.

Several on the site have found that Magnesium spray normally the oil massaged into the legs each night has helped theirs RLS and as NurseGladys123 says sometimes a soak in warm water can help relax the muscles. Do come on the site more often.😊


Hi oldblue

I have to say it is wonderful to hear from you my friend. I am so genuinely sorry that you have been struggling recently and I sincerely hope that you feel better soon. As your other respondents have commented that a nice warm bath is supposed to help with RLS as they say it helps relax the muscles.

I was wondering if you have a podiatrist that you could see about your feet? Just to rule other medical conditions out of the equation? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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