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Good morning, stumbled on this site, and wondered if my daughters symptoms fit with Fibro ? Headaches, dizziness, eye pain, foot pain, leg pain, back pain, whooshing in ears, some confusion, fatigue, jaw pain, shoulder pain. She is 11 , and never slept as a baby, is a mouth breather, has had chicken pox, shingles , grommets, speech therapy, adenoidectomy. Possibly missing some things out!! Any advice please? This year been referred to Rheumotologist and Neurologist. At blood test/MRI stage. Hardest thing seeing a child in pain and don't have answers yet . Thanks for reading.

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  • Hi

    As a parent we want to protect out children from everything but sometimes that is not possible.

    Symptoms could be anything so please try not to imagine all sorts of things .

    wait till she has seen all the specialist and see what they come up with.

    Take care and look after yourself as well often we look after everyone else and neglect ourselves.


  • Thanks so much, you are so right, and my mum/sister advise the same - to stop googling symptoms/conditions - and to wait. They right. But so hard, want to help her in meantime. But will try just concentrate make everyday good as possible for her. Thankyou again.

  • Hello Worrymum Rose54 is right it is best to wait and see.

    There are one or two things that might help to ease the pain while she is waiting. Ask your GP what the best over the counter pain killers would be best for her. I take paracetamol but only the GP can say what is safe for your young daughter

    Hot baths with epsom salts. heat pads and as much rest as possible.

    I hope it all goes well for her.

    Sue. x

  • Thanks will try those ideas too. She seems like foot baths and massages etc, takes her mind off it for a while. She has been taking calpol etc for a while and ibuprofen , though I worry risks of long term ibuprofen . But have to somehow balance that with her needing be comfortable ! Thankyou.

  • Hi Worrymum....I cannot give any real medical advice but I can imagine how distressing it is for you all. I should push hard to get that Rheumy/Neuro appointment as soon as possible. I hope you don't have to wait too long!! There are one or two symptoms like Fibro but we all have different symptoms with a few being generalised....Let us know how your daughter gets on with her appointments....Take care x

  • Thankyou. Seen each specialist once, and go back to get your results over the next month or two I hope. Very distressing that she has symptoms for months and months already , the wait for results is seeming to drag. It's of possibilities , I.I.H , J.IA , amongst others , but she seems to just have also general pain , first thing mentions mornings , last thing mentions at night . It's really helpful to get lots of opinions. Thanks again.

  • Can you tell me what I.I.H, and J.IA are please....cannot fathom those out, but it could be my soggy brain! x

  • These were new to me too ! Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis . And - Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension . The first to do with foot joint pain possibly, the second re the headaches . Beginning to learn slowly that everything is so complicated and so many symptoms can be so many things , and do you ever really know you have what they say you may have ! I be giving myself a headache !!

  • Gosh never heard of those two things. Took me a while to accept I have Fibro (25years ago!) and when you learn more about it the only thing to do is go with it and accept as by worrying and getting angry just makes it worse. Take care Trikki

  • Too true , Thankyou for your good wishes, hope you have a good day as much as you can .

  • I am so sorry for both you and your Daughter and I understand you trying to find any information or help that's out there. It's awful to think of a child going through pain and misery and I hope it turns out to be something she can get treatment for. It must break your heart to watch and be helpless. Whenever you need to talk or rant we are here. Family are too close sometimes. Its awful waiting for tests then results and we understand. Hope things sort out for you soon and please keep us informed. Good luck to you both x

  • Thankyou. So many kind people on here ! Family are wonderful, but I not like to burden constantly when they have all their own health worries going on. So it's nice chat to others too . And sure there are so many in a similar position . And of course will update when find out . Many thanks again and hope have as good a day as can . Thankyou.

  • Hello Worrymum- I hope its just growing pains she,s experiencing- any signs of the monthly cycle with her yet? My daughter went thru so much like this at 11-12 and then was chosen to swim for her school and never looked back. She now takes me to local pool, she swims and I soak in the warm Jacuzzi, I find aquatics a great therapy for aches pains and stiffness, my daughter also found it helps her migraine.. let us know if its the dreaded fibro there,s lots of help on this forum for you both..

  • Ah Thankyou. If all this turns out to be hormonal I will be soooo relieved, my gut instinct says not that , but I keeping open mind . My daughter loves swimming too and we did this a lot over the summer especially , it is great therapy for so many things. She hasn't started yet , but maybe ? Keep waiting and wondering . Thanks so much all advice appreciated .

  • Hi Worrymum

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that your daughter is having so many problems with her health, and especially at such a young age. I want to genuinely wish the both of your all the best of luck, and please take care.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thankyou so much , everything crossed for good news for her - and for everyone else suffering the long wait of results too .

  • :)

  • Ask the doctors to check her thyroid function, if they haven't already.

  • Thanks so much. She had about six tubes of blood taken, and we photographed the forms so I could look up what tests were being done, a good tip for those who like to google everything ! And thyroid is on there . W enemy see that consultant Novenber !! Does anyone know if we are allowed to request blood results be sent to own GPs in meantime to review with them etc ? Thankyou ! Good wishes to all . Thanks for taking time to reply also .

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