Winter Survival With Chronic Illness

Hi all,

Since we have reached mid-September and the weather is begining to turn, I thought it might be time to think about putting together a list of winter essentials for those with chronic illnesses.

Please feel free to share any further suggestions.

So far, I have thought of:

Extra layers of clothing/blankets,

Extra medication (incl. prescribed and basics like paracetamol)

A torch and spare batteries

A First Aid Kit

Spare 'phone charger

An extra set of house keys and a small amount of emergency cash (kept in an agreed safe place, of course)

A list of emergency contacts and medical information (incl. Known allergies, current medication etc)

An emergency hygiene kit incl. waterless shampoo, body wash, toothbrush etc

I've also come up with a list household essentials which I'll post in my next comment. .

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  • Household Essentials/Groceries

    Bottled water

    Easy-prep food/snacks (cup soup, instant noodles, cereal bars etc)

    Tea, coffee, milk and sugar

    Lemon and ginger tea bags and squeezy honey (good for colds/sore throat)

    Loo roll, tissues, kitchen towel, wet wipes

    Hand soap/sanitiser

    Washing up liquid

  • Good idea to be prepared :)

  • Fantastic.

    Mine that I would add are:-

    Plenty of good hot water bottles with covers so we don't burn

    Make sure heated pads are working

    Make sure electric blanket is working and if more than 3 years old have it safety checked or buy a new one!

    Husband says good boots for bad conditions with nine slio soles and plenty of thick socks

    Good warm, safe slippers

    Make sure your car has had a winter check and stock up on antifreeze. Always carry a good torch in the car and a blanket and if going any distance take a hot drink in a flask.

    Gets the old brain cells ticking away. I want Summer to last used to be a fan of winter until fibro got in the way.x

  • Ha, don't forget the St Bernard dog with BRANDY in his barrell lol xx

  • And skis for wheelchairs. :P

  • mayrose54 Ha, ha laughed at the thought of you zipping down Turner's Hill with skis on your wheelchair that thought has made my day.x

  • Very good idea Becky1712 I think others have added things I would have added. But oh no winter, can't believe it's apon us nearly & dreading it. I think I will just hibernate lol..

    Luv Jan x

  • I am digging a big deep hole and filling it with duvets, hot water bottles and lots of hot chocolate laced with Irish cream.

    Fancy joining me ? the more the merrier :P

  • Count me in!! Sounds lovely :) xx

  • Sounds good to me 😊

  • mayrose54 Count me in with all the ones joining I think we are going to be as snug as a bug in a rug and there will be a good party spirit.

  • I'm there !!!

  • Hi Becky1712

    My most important idea would be to make sure I have Emergency Contact details and medication list on the wall by my front door.

    Also to add an Emergency Contact on any mobile phone. The Emergency Services recommend it is listed under ICE (In Case of Emergency)

    Lu x


  • Well thought out Becky1712- I learned on this Forum about getting Warm Winter Allowance from your energy supplier too so that we can keep the heating on a bit more! I also have a hot water bottle and an electric blanket as well as a big black cat Maxi who keeps me warm.

  • Thanks for your input, all. You've come up with some excellent suggestions.

    I would add a few things that are specific to my situation, like migraine patches, extra milk, snacks and nappies for LO, good chocolate (incl. the instant kind).

    For those of you brave enough to go outside, I would also reccomend good old table salt (for gritting icy paths).

    Keep those ideas coming :)

  • We've moved and have no paths in our little close but started to think of grocery orders and the thought that if it was very icy or snowy there is no way they would get to our bungalow so think I might start the old siege mentality with masses of tinned stuff and clearing out the freezer and freezing masses of loaves. Well with my inability to cook most of the time and OH not being well we are unfortunately used to living out of tins, doing so tonight. Well one tin eg beef curry, rice and some nams we froze, yummy.x

  • Thankfully we haven't had really bad winters for a few years, global warming???? Who knows, I remember a few years ago we had two bad ones in a row and we were stuck in for several days, luckily we live very near the shops so my OH managed to get out for essential supplies. Hate Winter👎😟

  • Mydexter I think the last one I remember was the last year I worked. Remember we both had a doctors appt. and by the time we came out it was impossible to get off the doctor's car park. There were we neither of us fit enough to walk home and a poor young mother with her little baby. Well this tough scary looking teen came out of the houses opposite the car park entrance and I expected him to laugh at us. No it was the opposite - he said anyone got any carrier bags (I always carried masses in the back of the car) and off he went and kept on bringing back grit from the nearest grit box. Back he went into the house and got his Dad's garden spade and proceeded to dig away to get us out and then gritted enough for the tyres to go over I could have kissed him. Shows we can misjudge.

    Unfortunately, when they finished me I had been there on and off for 20 years having given body and soul for the cause as working for a charity you do masses of unpaid overtime they had a little do. Well everyone was supposedly coming as I was the longest serving member of staff and blow we had the deepest snowfall for years. My poor job share partner came down a hill in her car and couldn't stop and went into the back of a taxi trying to get there and walked the rest of the way bless her and only 8 people made it, what a damp squid of a send off. Used to adore the snow how we change when we are ill.x

  • HI Becky1712 , That sounds like a great idea. I think we get so caught up in our daily life we fail to think about tomorrow, we'll I do anyway. I'm going make myself a list, thanks for the idea.Have a good day.Peck🐤

  • Great post. I would also add a SAD lightbox. I bought a budget one off amazon and its great. Also uplifting essential oils for the diffuser, like orange, lemon and mandarin ☺

  • Can't live without my microwave slippers. Also long life milk for tea/coffee and cereal (sometimes when I've been really ill the first thing I can actually eat is often cereal). And one of those Powerbank gadgets - you can charge it up with power and use it to charge your mobile phone, tablet or device if it's low on power - so for example you can still make a call if your landline is down.

  • I am not on these myself but I can imagine that many members are on prepayment meters? So it would be a good idea to keep an extra weeks gas and electric on their meters?

    Brilliant post my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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