Stinging hands and feet


Just wondering if anyone else gets this and if it's another symptom on Fibromyalgia.

The only way I know how to describe it is like this...

You know when you've been out it the cold and your hands are freezing, and then you come inside and put your hands in warm water to warm then up and they start stinging...

Well that stinging feeling is what I get in my hands and feet a lot. Sometimes I get a burning sensation in them too.

I also get a lot of pins and needles in my hands and feet and they ache a lot too.

Can anyone else relate?

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  • Yes sj8316 I can relate with you my left foot been burning today and very itchy also a little swelling, my right ankle feels like it has glass in it if I rest my ankle a certain way it's so painful so believe me you are not on your own fb has a lot to answer to take care ☺

  • Numbness iget with sting too it's horrible I rub cream in to help Double base from the doctor

  • sj8316 , I have had that happen before but not lately .May want to talk to go could be nerve issues. Good luck. Peck.🐤

  • Yes, I get that. It's called neuropathy and my neurologist prescribes gabapentin for it. Numbness, tingling and pain can be involved if you have neuropathy. Currently I don't take the gabapentin and just put up with the symptoms. Other symptoms are phantom feelings as if I am wearing flip flops and feel something between my big toe and the next toe and also feeling as if I'm wearing socks when I'm not. Strange, isn't it?

  • I have been on Gabapentin 300mg x 3,three times a day for 18 months now for a different medical condition & they have done no good so i'm slowly coming off of them as you can't stop them suddenly. My mum also took them for pain but did nothing for her either,maybe they will work for you? if you are prescibed them i hope they help,best wihes & good luck.

  • The gabapentin does take away the pain, numbness and tingling but I decided to go without it and just feel the symptoms. I haven't seen my Neuro Dr. yet to ask if I can be on a lower dose. I was on 300 mg 3 x day. I tapered off and have been on none for about 3-4 months. The symptoms aren't so bad. I'm sorry that it isn't helping you at all. Have you asked your Dr. to get off the gabapentin and try something different that might work? Best wishes to you, too.

  • Yes i have seen my Dr last week & i am now gradually reducing the dosage until i can stop them,the strange thing is my Dr now says the Gabapentin may be the cause of the burning,stinging, pins & needles like symptoms? yet he prescribed them, i think it's because they really don't know what their dealing with as there is no cure Dr's will just prescribe various medication to see what happens. I'm already on 24 pills a day so maybe i am immune to them now? Can i ask you do you feel tired all the time but just can't sleep? i do yet i'm up till all hours often going to bed between 3am-5-30am & getting up between 7-30am-9am. it's draining..

  • Yes, you can ask me just about anything. I don't get enough sleep most nights. I found out by reading the side effects of quetiapine that it is the cause of my getting up too early...often 5am or 6am. I go to bed around 12am or later. Occasionally I can get in bed earlier but it's hard for me. So yes, I'm often tired during the day. I don't nap well so I remain tired.

    For me the gabapentin worked to cover the pain, tingling and numbness in my extremities and stopping the gaba meant the return of those symptoms, but not nearly to the severity that they were before starting the drug. I suppose you can get used to the gaba just like so many other drugs. Why not?

  • I'm on Quetiapine 25mg 3 times a day but have been on them for nearly 2 years now this burning feet problem only started approx 6 weeks ago the problem with being on so many different pills is what helps one thing sets of something else sometimes i think i'll just bin them all and see what happens? ..

  • I know what you mean! Actually, I wonder if we all took a medication holiday, what might we learn about ourselves?? Excluding any lifesaving drugs, I suppose.

    We might find we no longer need some of them. Or they no longer have any effect on us. I stopped the gabapentin based on the theory that I might not be getting much benefit from it any more and I found I was right. I'll see if my Neuro doc wants to give me a teensy dose the next time I see him.

    I've dropped several other drugs also without any problems and reduced some additional ones. I had a significant reduction in stress so it seemed appropriate to reduce some meds and stop some altogether. I've reported all of this to the prescribing Drs.

  • Morning SuezS... At the surgery where i go there are 5 regular GP's 2 part time and 2 who will be there for a year,we are now allowed only 15mins with the Dr for each appointment,that sometimes is too short a time for me to explain any new symptons or concerns with exsisting ones, all the time i'm talking their typing away on their computer and sometimes i don't think they hear me at all? so it's i know i will prescribe a pill just to make it look like i care,that's how some of them come accross.If i was to pay full price for my meds it would cost me almost 100 pounds a month not inc any add ons [thankfully i have a pre payment card]so i feel if they stopped typing away and actually sat and listened maybe just maybe i wouldn't be on so many pills that have no or little effect. In my case i do sometimes feel like it's oh no she's here again prescription pad at the ready...xx

  • I hear you. 15 min. is just plain wrong. A doc can't do a good job in 15 min. And I get what you're saying about prescribing a drug to make it look like they are caring for you within the 15 min. I think you have to look carefully at your meds and reduce or remove a med yourself and then report it afterward to the doc. That's faster than having a discussion asking to do so. Of course you have to be comfortable in your knowledge of your drugs to do this. You can research a lot of information on a drug before you change anything about it. It's always best to let the Dr. make the changes but with 15 min. appointments it seems you are forced to handle some things yourself.

    My meds are like yours...they would cost a fortune if I didn't have insurance. Last year my husband, myself and 1 dependent son had over $30,000.00 in medical costs paid out-of-pocket. We're lucky that we could afford to pay for our medical needs at all. This number includes the cost of insurance premiums. How many people can afford to throw that much money at their medical costs??? It doesn't leave much money left over for things we'd LIKE to spend it on. So there's my complaint.

  • That's an awful lot of money,if i lived where you do it would cost me a fortune as i've had 22 operations over a period of 30 years including 8 major ones i think my insurance premiums would break the bank to start with.We went to Florida in 1992 for 2 wks my mother-in-law spent 15 days in the Hospital so the whole trip the cost was $69-000. 43-000 British pounds thankfuly she had travel insurance so it was covered.I'll stay here with my NHS prescriptions don't think i could afford to be ill anywhere else. Thanks for your reply and i wish you and your family better health.xx

  • Part of the expenses were due to my husband having terminal cancer. Thank you for your well wishes and I wish you the same.

  • Hi sj8316 your description is exactly the way I describe it. Then mine can intensify to more stabbing pain. Unfortunately it is fibro and so far I have found nothing to relive it sorry

  • Yes, me to! sorry but I really haven't found much that helps...

  • Hi,

    Try taking chelated magnesium on an empty stomach at bedtime, or an epsom salt bath every day. Use at least 500g.


  • i can relate to left foot is cold,stinging sensations-worse at night-i have microwaveable slippers that help most of the toes are also turned up and that and wider feet ruin my footwear

  • When I had this symptom I had further blood testing and my B12 was found to be very low. It has improved after B12 injections. The other thing that helps is Epsom salt baths or foot soaks.

  • I have beeen having the vit b12 injection every 3 months for 5 years now but still have these symptoms i suppose we are all different in what helps & what doesent so i hope that the vit b 12 injections will continue to help you.

  • Have you tried magnesium and VitD supplements? When I added the Epsom salt baths and VitD&K2 it made a big difference. My VitD was low too and magnesium, the Epsom salt bath is a gentle way to add magnesium as you absorb it through the skin.

  • I have low Vitamin D which i take a capsule for every morning a long with 12 other pills for different medical conditions i suffer from,Crohns,IBS,Osteoporosis,Degenerative Disc in Lumbar Region,Arthritis of Neck,Shoulder,Hands,plus i have had 4 major operations in a year all Abdominal & as much as i would love to soak in the bath i am unable to get into one. Thanks for your reply & i wish you luck.

  • Oh dear, I'm sorry I suggested a bath then. Sorry you have so much to deal with.

  • MarLiz don't worry about that as you wasn't aware about me being unable to use the bath,it's always nice that fellow fibro sufferers reply as you never know when a suggestion may just help.So thank you for trying to help.

  • Oh yes you have described my worst symptom. I find when I get warm it kicks off the stinging and pins and needles in my hands and feet. Wakes me up as well. My feet also go cold and almost numb and are painful to walk on. They really hurt. I use double base cream every night. It helps a little.

  • Hi there, yes i have recently suffered the same thing in both hands & feet,my feet being the worse.In fact my feet are like it as i type this reply,to me it feels like they are burning over a coal fire & i get it several times a day. I went to my Dr last week & he did say it is a possible effect of Fibromyalgia. I hope this helps a little?

  • I think this is what makes Fibro so bad it is the burning I have burning all the time in my pelvis and hip it drives me nuts Fibro is pain from the tendons and tissue surrounding them according to the RA specialist I saw recenlty at the hospital.. I take amitriptyline and pregabaline which doe help good luck with this :)

  • Hi Pat9..When my Dr told me i had Fibromyalgia i asked her what it stood for,her reply was,fibro meaning fibres my as in oneself & algia meaning pain so it means my fibre pain or my body pain & she is spot on as my body is in pain. I also saw something on my Face book page that suggests that it is not caused by mixed signals in the brain but by blood vessels in the hands? I think it needs more research before we know for sure. I also have Crohns [ 31 years ] & like Fibro there is no cure at this present time.Trust me to cop for them both,lucky aye.Plus it's now 5-12am & i'm tired but as usual not for sleep...

  • Hi sj8316 I get tingling and burning in my hands and feet. To me it feels mostly like pins and needles but I do get that "defrosting" sensation too. Unfortunately I haven't managed to find anything that takes it away, but a foot rub from my fiancé helps a bit.

  • Hi KrissyB....I'm 59 and suffered my 1st real pain at the age of 22 when i ended up with stomach ulcers,from then on i have never known a pain free day due to many different medical and surgical conditions then along comes Fibromylagia with the migraines,the sweats,the extreme tiredness,burning,tingling feet & hands etc, i wonder do you have painful ankles and soles of your feet as i do. I hope you get some relief from your foot rubs i wish i could have that but i can't stand anyone touching my feet [yikes].

  • Sorry to hear you have been suffering so much and continue to do so. My ankles do sometimes feel like they want to go snap, which when they do is really painful. I'm quite picky who I let touch my feet I can't stand being tickled!

  • Hi my friend

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this, and I sincerely hope that you find the answers that you are looking for. I would personally get this checked out with the doctor as it could be Fibro related, or it could be Neuropathy or Erythromelalgia, the list is endless I am sorry to say.

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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