PIP Mobility - New Precedent Set

In the Upper Tribunal a new precedent has been set for PIP mobility claims.

This significant new legal judgment holds that while someone may ‘push through pain’ in order to continue walking this does not mean that they are walking to an “acceptable standard” for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) purposes.

For further details see disabilityrightsuk.org/news...

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  • yes but the assessors will still rush through as many claims as possible ignoring important issues each person has. its even been shown up they read the forms and fill out the assessment before theyve even seen the person. so new rules will mean nothing, these people are not medical professionals and are out for the money and care not one jot about any person or their suffering.

  • Thanks for very interesting post!

  • I read this a little while ago, a rather significant finding but then as woopcushen says will any notice be taken by assessor so ?

  • Thank you so much for sharing my friend. I also read this a while back but hopefully some good will come from it? Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanx for sharing releasethemagic Albeit it is a very small fish in a big ocean & i think a lot more needs to be changed in the system before it is a fair one. It's good though, at least it is being recognised that its wrong.

    Luv Jan ☺

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