Holidaying with Fibromyalgia

Hi, just wondering if any of you go on holiday and how you cope, especially those of you with families and children to keep entertained?

I went away for a long weekend and wasn't quite prepared for how difficult I would find it. I found I couldn't keep up with my family and slept a lot. I was overwhelmed with guilt of how I couldn't do the things I thought I should be doing with my family.

The thought of ever going on holiday again fills me with so much anxiety.

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  • Hi, I went on a 3 day holiday thus weekend, I don't have kids and I'm just now getting over it!! I use to do 3 days standing on my head!! It sad!! Best wishes . Peck.🐤

  • Hi, I have just come back from a weeks camping with my family. My fibro. made things really difficult but I survived. I didnt want to moan as that would spoil the holiday, I just carried on with a brave face. With camping it is harder as I slept on the floor (on an airbed) which made getting up difficult. I felt like I was on an assault course for a week.

    I dont want to give in to the fibro. but it does make things hard. I get very tired as well as the stiff joints. We have been invited away for christmas which I am dreading already.

    Im sorry I dont have any advice on how to cope. I just found I needed time alone which was easy as I would just say I was going to sit in the shade. I get so hot. Im dripping with sweat now.

    Take care


  • David, I'm sorry your having such a hard time.I live camping but cannot do it ; the proper way, tent etc...Hope things get better. Peck.🐤

  • A couple of years ago my hubby and i were like peck and after a disaster of a weeks holiday. saddly we decided that we would have to pack it in.

    A year or so later our daughter asked us to go with her to choose a new tent. That was when we discovered inflatable tents. No poles. instead they have `inner tubes` Lay your tent flat on the floor peg the corners then plug into an air compressor, 15 mins later your tent is ready, just a bit of pegging out.

    The groundsheet, Bedroom pods and curtains are all built in.

    Our bed is a full height double. inflatable chairs and sofas are available but we have come to the conclusion that they are not worth the extra work. The bed is.

    It is still hard painful work and we both need a days rest after, But its worth it for a weeks holiday.

    Thanks to a ppi rebate from the bank we were able to splash out on a tent that we both fell in love with.

  • Thanks for your reply. We will look into the bed situation. I love camping so I dont want to stop doing it. We bought good chairs a few years ago. We spoke to someone on the campsite about the inflatable tents. Our tent is quite new, a Vango 8 birth so I dont if we can change yet. There is so much good camping equipment out these days. Maybe a range for fibro sufferers would be good.

  • I will pm You.

  • sorry no advice here either, i havent been on holiday for 20 years, i just couldnt cope, my son hated it as i was always so tired grumpy and sleeping. so he was 8 the last time we went away. that was in a caravan with all amenities and plenty of places to eat. so no cooking as such. but it floored me. so that was it. not been anywhere since .

  • Hi I went away for a week used a scooter otherwise I would never of kept up with hubby or mum-in-law (78) I've no young children and I admire anyone who has and they have got fibromyalgia I honestly don't no how you do it good luck ☺

  • Flew to Sardinia 3 years ago and it nearly killed me....what with the airport (despite the wheelchair) I was in tears. Couldn't keep up with the rest of our group but they relieved when I got home I have no wish to go away again.

    Old Misery Trikki x

  • I tend to have plenty of people to help with everything or I would never cope!

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi, I have had m.e for 15yrs and fibro for 2yrs.Im a mum of an 11year old daughter.Im very lucky to have an amazing husband.We do manage breaks away just about .I have to stay in a chalet or somewhere comfy I always use my mobility scooter.Make sure my daughter has plenty of bits to do im lucky as she loves board games,crafts,reading etc(probably as she has grown up with me having to be in bed lots).I just try to pace which isn't easy and yes I feel so guilty and frustrated😞.Every day we would try to have a couple of hours out as a family then I would go back to bed for a couple of hours whilst hubby takes my daughter out.Its very difficult.I find having more days away easier as more time to rest in between if I have a really bad day.I try not to think what I would be doing if I was healthy and just being grateful to be able to be somewhere different.Also lots of rest before and after travelling and we try not to go too far.Its finding something that works for your family I probably look really silly laying on a beach with pillows and a blanket but at least I can enjoy the sea air and watch my daughter being happy😃.Best wishes xxxx

  • Also I would try and research the place and area you go to to make sure it's accessible and there are lots of facilities near by for the rest of the family xx

  • Hi ive just got back from turkey. The heat does wonders for me but plz pace yourself. I normally have a couple of nites in where i rest. Dont push yourself tho and have a lovely holiday. I didnt pack to come away till the nite before as i just didnt have it in me, but i did get there xx

  • Also i always had a nap in the afternoon xx

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