problem swallowing!

by evening time i find it hard to swallow. once i'm in bed trying to sleep it gets more and more difficult to swallow until in finally am able to sleep. its' scary. anyone have any experience with this problem and/or suggestions?

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  • Hi Nadine111

    I suffer with something similar.... but mine happens when i am eating..... i have always been a slow eater.... but now i have to be even slower as my throat actually closes up at times..... it can occur at any time.... sometimes just the once ....othertimes it can last for days..... my doc referred me to ENT and i had a camera down to look at my throat but all was OK..... my consultant has concluded it is my brain sending the wrong message out..... so i gag on food..... i now no longer eat out as it can be embaressing...

    Have you tried sipping water at night in bed?.... in one of those non spill cups like young kids have..... i use this at home in case i jerk or drop my drink....or if in bed fall asleep with it in my hand..... done this soooo many times lol

    Sorry i can not help with any really good facts or advice..... but just wanted you to know you are not alone with this problem

    Much love n cybers hugs

    Lolly x

  • thank you. i think checking in with my ent is a great idea. i am on limited fluid intake so usually out of my allowed fluid for the day. i will talk with my nephrologist next time i see her about sipping water at night.

  • Do you lie on your back, Nadine? Whenever I lie on my back, in bed or in the GP's surgery, my sinuses fill up and empty into my throat which makes both swallowing and breathing difficult. I have to lie on my side to sleep even though both shoulders are usually painful at that time of night.

    A dry throat, which will also cause problems with swallowing, can be caused by side effects from many of the medications used for FM and will not only affect you at night.

    I hope you find some help here and that you can overcome this. Take care of yourself.

    Gentle hugs,

    Anna xx

  • thanks anna. i do sleep on my back since find my c-pap mask stays on better if on my back. am getting so freaked out about not being able to swallow that willing to try just about anything so will start sleeping on my side to see if it helps.

  • Hi nadine111

    Thank You for your post

    Previously on the community we have heard people with Fibromyalgia say they have also been diagnosed with a condition called Sjogren's Syndrome - which has symptoms of problems swallowing.

    Here is a link with some information about it fromArthritis Research UK which may be of interest;

    Of course, I am not a Doctor and it could be a number of other reasons why you are experiencing these symptoms but thought it was worth mentioning it :)

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

  • Yes I do understand what you mean, I hope its just a tired muscle down there like mine, if you haven,t been to ENT doc then ask g.p to send you to get it checked out to be sure its noting more serious.. I have been told its oesophogitis!

  • i keep forgetting about my ent. really like her plus she is close by. will see what she has to say. thanks much...

  • nadine, I have the same problem especislly at night ... it makes me a little panicky at times. Have a nice day.Peck 🐤

  • thanks, peck. it can be so scary that i have come to dread nighttime. i have an ongoing problem with sodium that if i'm not careful with my fluid intake i can get shaky and sweaty. now add the swallowing problem and i find myself staying awake later and later. anything you found that helps? the only thing that helps me somewhat is deep breathing if i can stay with it.

  • Hi nadine111

    I am so gneuinely sorry to read this my friend, and as you say it probably be best to discuss this with your ENT. As Mdaisy says it could be caused by so many different factors? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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