OT - Did anyone watch Rest in Pixels?

OT - Did anyone watch Rest in Pixels?

Anyone interested in Social Media this might be of interest?

Plus it features a lady with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS)

Here's the link if interested , it's only about 20 mins or so;


Interesting whilst although also quite weird to think about.

I look forward to your replies

Emma :)

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  • Thanks, I shall have a watch of this later as not seen it x :)

  • Hmmm; not entirely sure what I think about it. I like the idea of capturing memories from a person with Alzheimers' Disease, it could be useful to keep their memories for them by playing them back to them, yet not entirely convinced I would like to be so immortalised myself. Also, surely you would need to get agreement from their family to share certain memories?

    I guess its a moot point because I don't use Twitter or Instagram, and my life hasn't been that interesting on the whole.

    I can see a value in the memories and philosophies of great scientists, authors and the like, but I feel there could be a chance of it being misused by the unscrupulous or dangerous.

  • Hello Midori

    Hope you are doing well today? Long time no speak x

    It definitely is a concept that has both positive and negative points for many different reasons. The immortalised bit is a bit strange huh?!?!

    I think as you say it has it valuable points to someone through the loss of memory to keep them for the family or indeed the person living with Alzheimers to watch to maybe encourage memory recall. However, whether they would recognise the videos as themselves talking is another debate.

    It might be useful for the family to hold on to the person lost or deceased but what would this mean psychologically with the effects of grieving and acceptance issues.

    I am sure it would be a polarised debate for sure !

    Emma :)

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