Change Fibromyalgia WHO classification from musculoskeletal to Neurological

Change Fibromyalgia WHO classification from musculoskeletal to Neurological

I’ve made a petition – will you sign it?

I hope so, as I have been on a mission again as I think we need to petition about this again as I personally think it might be a big piece of the jigsaw if Fibro is recognised as Neurological. Not only to reduce the stigma we experience, get the correct treatment but also for the understanding of the fluctuating symptoms plus evidence that supports this widely misunderstood invisible illness.

Click this link to sign the petition:

The petition:


Change Fibromyalgia WHO classification from musculoskeletal to Neurological

Fibromyalgia has been reported for a long time now, to in fact be a Neurological illness (with similar snonymous symptoms as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) as per collective peer reviewed research papers. 2.7 million + people who have this, think that it's about time the WHO changed the classification.

Research article quote:

"Fibromyalgia is characterised by abnormalities that appear to be related to hippocampal dysfunction, including hyperactivity of both corticotropin-releasing hormone neurons and the sympathetic nervous system, impaired declarative memory, and enhanced NMDA receptor-mediated nociception. "

Fibromyalgia Syndrome: A Central Role for the Hippocampus—A Theoretical Construct (2004) Patrick B. Wood

Click this link to sign the petition:

Initially I need 5 supporters to make it go live on the GOV.UK Petitions website and then we're off and running! I really appreciate your support :)

Let's get the signatures up in the thousands to get the government to take notice of us ! :)

Best Wishes

Emma :)

P.S Don't forget when you've signed to then double confirm by clicking the link sent to your registering email to make the signature count.

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  • Emma, As I'm in the US I can't help you with that.If it will benefit my friends with FM I wish you the very best with this.Hope you have a great day. Peck.🐤

  • I too am from the states. Sorry. I hope yall get the signatures you need.

  • Hi naturalnikki

    This particular one was rejected by the British Government so a was made here;

    If you would like to sign this one, here is the link;

    Many Thanks in advance

    Emma :)

  • Signed it. I will send it to a few people.

  • I've signed it x

  • Done 😊

  • Trying to do it now. 👍😊

  • Done it you just need another one best of luck😀x

  • Done xx

  • I support you done

  • Done! It makes sense.

  • Hi Emma,

    Just awaiting my email, so I can confirm

    Also just to make you aware that you have missed the first letter "y" out of your spelling of synonymous.

    Hope you get enough signatures xxx

  • Oh yes so I have - typo ! Too late now I am afraid

    Thanks for letting me know :)

  • Done ✔ 😊

  • Done, its about time it was changed. Well done Emma. :)

  • Done, great plan Emma.

  • it will not let me sign at this time? It says:

    We’re checking this petition

    5 people have already supported Emma Jefferies’s petition.

    We need to check it meets the petition standards before we publish it.

    Please try again in a few days.


    I will keep trying every day until it lets me my friend. Good luck with the petition.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Me neither Ken, I will keep trying also xx

  • Thanks Everyone - I'll post when it goes live :) TheAuthor ryanbone10 oscarbravo Thunder1 Tel59 Olivia77

    It has the initial 5 signatures and they have emailed to say they are checking it - hope it is allowed as they do reject some. If so, maybe a petition is the way to go !

    Emma :)

  • I got the same answer Ken. I will try again if I remember :O

  • Soon as I can sign it I will it says it's being checked at the moment when you try and sign it. 🤔

  • Where do i sign..🤔..i want to but it just opens the details..xxxxxx

  • Hi tried to sign this morning but you have the 5 signatures you need to started please remind us again when it goes public

  • Same as above we have crashed dot gov there bean counter in the corner has a headache!

  • You've got your 5 signatures, once accepted we can all hop on the bus! Takes a few day, or so it says. Perhaps remind everyone when the reply comes back? Probably will anyway. This is really great Emm. It will help Dr.s with no understanding to place treatment in the right field from the start! :) XX

  • Hi tulips123 Thank You for your support. How are you doing? I hadn't had chance to catch up with you, sorry to hear that Foggy, Gins etc are poorly at the moment. x

    I'll let you know when it is live !

    Emma :)

  • No small thanks to this forum, i'm managing well! :) Gins seems to pop up now and again, so sorry they're both not well. Such valiant troopers must always be what this is all about. + Truth, support, understanding and of course raising the profile of this horrendous condition and the impact it can have on peoples' lives as well as their families. VERY happy to sign the '??' lost it:) Removing soap box! :)

    I know you're working away in the background, but always good to see you on here. We all have limitations of course. I'm currently dealing with an avalanche in emotions riding high, re-connecting with once loved family members I haven't seen for nearly 40 years after my mother died. Most emotion is positive, some not so much. Bound to be of course but my body always responds to strong emotions. I experience rush of heat, which I now recognise as a precursor to other problems. On this occasion, the bone weary, pain and severe vertigo.

    Other than that :) :) It's all good! Take care Em :) XX

  • Hi again tulips123

    Thank You for your reply - It's been nice catching up with everyone.

    Glad to hear the community is still on benefit to you and so many as after all the hard work for the 3 years I used to volunteer for the charity, I think the building of the community is something to be proud of - not blowing my own trumpet just glad it helps so many x

    Sorry to hear of your recent bereavement - I lost both parents one in 2010 then 6 months later in 2011 so I can completely sympathsise with you. Please accept my sincere condolences.

    Try to keep as well as possible during these emotional times and of course as you know the community is here when you need it x

    Emma :)

  • I found this forum in the early days and remember your commitment to this website very well! You should be proud of yourself, this forum is amazing! The work you've put into it is very much appreciated, I promise! :)

    My mother died in 1979, the emotions were stirred up by catching up with family I haven't seen since then! Curiouser and curiouser, talking to once close cousins! :) xx

  • Hi Mdaisy have gone into website but can't leave my name as it is being looked at🤔 it suggests I try again later! Just wanted to keep you in the loop. X

  • Thank You Toolie apparently after the initial 5 signatures they check it before making it live - I'll keep you posted !

  • Oops didn't read further down and discovered everyone else has said same doh😜 Anyway let me know when it's up and running. X

  • Hi All

    It has been REJECTED by the Government due to the following reason

    The disease classifications used by the WHO are its responsibility, not the responsibility of the Government or Parliament. You may wish to contact the WHO directly to ask for this change:

    I am going to start a and hopefully this will be OK so we can take the number of supporters to the WHO themselves

    Emma ;)

  • Please do Mdaisy, we will be right behind you! xx

  • Just got the rejection email

  • Thank You ryanbone10

    Started a new post here;

    Change Fibromyalgia WHO classification from musculoskeletal to Neurological

    The link to the petition is :

    Thank You all for the support

    Emma :)

  • Just signed Mdaisy, I think you may need to put new post about this petition as I had to search for ages to find this one. Fingers crossed

  • Thank You for signing the new petition as the Gov UK rejected the epetition Shazzzy

    I have done another post sweet about the petition which can be found here;

    I'll add the link for this one onto this post too

    Emma :)

  • Signed

  • All done..😊..its a great thing ur doing mdaisy..😊..lets hope all goes great..Terri

  • Hi Everyone

    I happened to come across this article if it is of any interest to anyone

    Hope our one is better than Gov.UK !

    Emma :)

  • Just like the rest of the house of commons on big dustbin where all the rubbish goes@ our expense! so that article is anything new in that respect as we know they treat us with distain yet most of us are far better talented than them!

  • But we are far better than them we can do it as unlike them we have RMF where as they have LMF (Real moral fibre V Lack of moral fibre) as they used to try to brow beat us with in the war!

  • Just read the guardian piece, pretty much as I expected.

  • I'm so sorry it was rejected 🤔

  • Hi I did a post this morning on fluoxetine that I was recently prescribed it has given me a marked relief from pain. I was Google ing and found that fluoxetine was a help with neuropathic pain I have been a fibromyalgia diagnosed for a long time I am only hoping that its going to last 😀

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