Why do doctors refuse to send people to pain specialists?

If you are in incredible pain why do they refuse.

Please please have a look at diet. It sound crazy but do. I don't know if I have fibromy.. but the pain I get in ridiculous at times. The doctors don't take people seriously. My heart was being attacked, my limbs and joints. My stomach is making extreme churning noises and I wonder if it is my organs and not stomach.

I don't know what to do - I get sicker each month. I wondered if I had vasculitis because of the way my condition affects me - it is so strange - the swelling of limbs and tightening of veins when my period hits. I dear not eat sugar or salt.

My ribs hurt and are contorted and soar too. My shin hurts - the bones and I keep getting a pain like it's slicing my shins in half.

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  • I have just ahd one session with an acupuncturist who looks at everything with the Chinese way of thinking so looks at the "whole" person not just the illness. We are hopefully going to talk about diet this Thursday as he looke at my tongue three times and said I had a dampness which is associated with arhtritic conditions (I also have osteo arthritis). He said that certain things we eat can actually make things worse, probably my favourite foods so I am interested on his theories on this.

    Even before being diagnosed with fibro when I had periods, had an early hysterectomy my body always seemed to swell and the whole of me would have pains. The rib pains sounds like something I have which is costo chondritis which is inflammation of the cariledge and muscles around the ribs, very painful.

    I was sent to a pain specialists which unfortunately has now stopped as he has retired and there has been no replacement but only when I really pushed my GP.

    Hope you get a definitive anser about if you have fibro as I find understanding the different illnesses I have helps me as sometimes we think we are going mad with all the symptoms. Take care.x

  • Hi! Have you had a diagnosis of Fibromygelia yet? If not then I don't think your Dr has the authority NOT to refer you to a Rhumetologist.

    The pain specialists can make recommendations for pain but this is something your Dr can easily do as he will be the prescriber anyway! He can also refer you to Physiotherapy if deemed necessary.

    Every appointment I go to I write down a list of the key outcomes I want for example a stronger painkiller. I'm lucky I've an excellent GP and don't have to badger him. If you have a particular drug in mind put it on the list and hand it to him. Be firm and human nature being what it is he will probably take the path of least resistance and prescribe it!

    It is also handy to take somone with you into the appointment for moral support and perhaps pose a question like well what are you going to do, this has been ..... Time this has been going on for. IF a pain lasts longer than three months then it is usually described as chronic pain and be dealt with urgently.

    Good luck


  • "Why do doctors refuse to send people to pain specialists? If you are in incredible pain why do they refuse."

    If your doctor is refusing to send you to a pain specialist then I'd say it's time to find a new GP who will! Is there someone else in the practice you can see? Or is there another practice near you which you could join?

    It's negligent for them not to send you for tests and give you treatment/help/advice. Please see if you can find a better doctor who will help.

    By the way, I totally agree with you about diet - there are so many things which can cause allergies and "flare-ups" of different kinds. Perhaps you could find a naturopath who could help you, or take some allergy tests?

  • Hi Eboladisease

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are having problems getting a referral from your doctor and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Probably money they don't like spending it

  • Hi. I'm looking at your user name and wondering if you think Fibromyalgia is like Ebola ?

    I agree with you about needing a more holistic approach but I think the problem is that doctors specialise and then become blinkered about other conditions. There is no mechanism for a GP to refer to two specialists at once for the same condition. Have you suggested Fibromyalgia to your GP ?


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