Sick day

Had to phone in sick today :( always feel so guilty when I have to do this and work don't understand at all, all they care about is that they are under staffed. In with Drs at 3:40 but not sure what use its going to be they never help. Been sofa bound since Saturday night with only odd occasion I've been able to get off the sofa and all they will say is I'm too young... That's what they always say, no wonder I'm so down 😢

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  • Please don't feel guilty, from what you have said about your symptoms you have absolutely done the right thing. Remember that you never asked for this illness, this is not your fault and if you didn't take today off, you would probably make things worse, and then need even more time off. Don't worry about your employer being understaffed, they will manage, I'm sure other people take time off for much less valid reasons. You have to take care of yourself and listen to your body. You are important.

  • I've been getting worse for weeks but still been going to work every day I think that's the reason I've gotten so bad :( we have 5 people off with sick note at work at the minute and I feel guilty for phoning in when I physically can't get out of bed. I worry too much that other people aren't going to understand.

  • It's difficult working with Fibro I continued for a year trying to go to work with it but in the end I couldn't fully give what was needed at work despite them making adjustments to hours etc, you never know how you are going to be one day to another. I've since found out a former work colleague has been diagnosed with Fibro and RA she is finding it difficult too.

    Try speaking to the HR department or asking to be referred to company doctor, they can offer advice and some solutions to your work environment. Good luck and hopefully you get back to work soon. Remember your body knows what's best for you so please listen to it xx

  • I've been diagnosed 7 years but I work full time in a bank and it's really really taking its toll on me... I thought I would be better for me last year when I changed jobs as before I worked In a factory which is obviously a very active job but this is no better. I'm exhaused 24 /7 and there's no way they can understand. My other half keeps telling me I need to start being selfish and taking some time off like everyone else does so that I can get some rest and get my health back on track.

  • You're OH is right, Fibro does need you to be selfish to concentrate on you and your needs instead of worrying about others because worry and stress add to your Fibro problems. If your GP is sympathetic they may recommend a sick note giving you a couple of weeks off for rest, please listen to your body if it's tired and in pain give it the rest it needs - you cannot function without your body, it's the only one you get xx

  • They are not very sympathetic due to my age :/ but we shall see...

  • Please don't feel guilty you need to speak to your gp over how you are feeling work are just causing you more stress by worrying take care and look after number ONE

    Carol xx

  • Thank you carol. Having a relaxing day today with my two cats on the sofa, not sure how relaxing not being able to feel my legs but pain everywhere is but that's the closest thing to relaxing xx

  • Kayshasmith1 is there anyway you can reduce your hours?

    Would your company consider you working on a part time basis?

    I was in the same boat as you and now work part time and feel much better for it, have a word with them and seek out your options!

    The very best of luck to you.

    Soft hugs,

    Elizabeth x

  • It would be the pay cut which I couldn't do I live alone so have full bills to pay and as I'm only 22 I get not top up on my wages or anything like working tax. So if I went to part time I'd have the worry of loosing my house too :/ that's what I wish I could do

  • Yes, I see what you mean! Such a shame!

    I do hope that you can sort something out soon x

  • Got to just go back to Drs in morning for blood tests... Xx

  • Hi

    I'm so sorry to hear that you're so unwell and not getting support from work.

    Don't feel guilty. Have you tried to see another dr in your practice and see if they might be better?

    I'm afraid I'm not very well informed about the law and working when unwell or benefits you could claim if you had to cut down your hours. Would it be worth your while getting in contact wit Citizens advice, they have professional people who volunteer there, who might be able to give you good advice?

    I do wish you the best of luck, as stress does make fibro worse.

    Best wishes 🌸

  • I've tried seeming nearly every dr that's worked at my surgery since it started when I was diagnosed at 15 (6 years ago).

    I've looked into benefits I'd be entitled to and unless if am sucessful in a pip claim I'm not elidgable for any other benefits until I'm 24 years old.. Which I thinks disgusting.

    Thank you I know what you mean stress is making me SOOO much worse it's unreal. Hoping it all gets sorted eventually

  • I feel so sorry for you, it must be hard!

    Just stay on sick leave until you get better enough to go back, they will have to stick to the law.

    Maybe you could try moving to another Drs practice?

    Good luck and best wishes 🌸

  • Been for blood tests today and they did mention refering me to rheumatoid specialist so that's more then they have done in last 6 years. Had day off today too back to work tomorrow I think xx

  • Hi Kayshasmith1

    I am so gneuinely sorry to read that you are feeling so poorly, and as the others have said please do not feel guilty as Fibro can knock the stuffing out of you sometimes! I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I cannot believe how similar our worries are, the only difference is our age. I to worry like you about the financial side of this illness and how my work deal with things. I am a bit further on than you, I have applied for PIP and am just waiting on the outcome, this would financially allow me to reduce my hours.

    Please try and be strong, you did not ask for this condition.

  • I am just waiting for my how your condition helps you booklet to arrive but I worry that with my age and the obvious invisibility of my illness that I will get refused but it would help so much in the same I could then reduce my hours at work allowing me a much better quality of life.

    Good luck x

  • i was 24 when i finally had to admit defeat and listen to my professor and quit work. too young? age has nothing to do with it. im sorry your struggling. it is hard when you cant work but they cant force you if your not able. maybe a part time job doing something less stressful. money is good but health comes first. hope you get some help

  • I wouldn't mind the less money of a part time position but don't think my landlord would be happy about it hehe. I d just hAve the extra worry or paying the bills I do hope to go to part time if I am sucessful in claiming pip :)

    Age shouldn't matter at all but in the eyes of my Drs it does its disgusting tbf xx

  • oh i see well i hope you get the pip everything is catch 22 and so wrong :( good luck

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