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Another interesting read!

Hi all, I was wondering how many people here have like me been diagnosed with tmj/ tmd  , my whole problem started 16 years ago from a bad dental extraction which caused a whiplash type injury , however I was also diagnosed with a tmj problem , on the left side and then gradually it felt like my muscles did what I call the domino effect , you know line them up, tap one and one by one they topple

I have often wondered if tmj problem was where it all started,well I just got thinking about this and decided to look Around online to see if there were any decent articles on the matter, and I did find a very interesting article , unfortunately as usual it isn' t available in the U.K

If you want to read the article type in  thinkBetterlife.com, then when the page opens up click on tmj symptoms and see what you think, it described my problems to a T , I read it and thought , they must be talking about me

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Hi electricjaws

Thanks for that, it was an interesting read. I never knew that TENS Machines could be used in this way? It does make sense though, and the idea that a misaligned jaw could cause these problems in certain parts of the body.

I wanted to paste it onto the forum but it would be classed as a sales site so sadly I would not be allowed. I have pasted the NHS Choices caches below which also has some interesting stuff on TMD:


I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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