I had my grandaughter for the weekend so we went to the boot sale and she saw a sausage dog and she shouts out look nanny that dog looks like a fat sausage. Then we sat and had a cupa next to a lady and the lady said ahh your lovley how old are you she said 4 then said to the lady are you verry old cause you have loads of lines on you .well i wanted the ground to open up. Well it was funny lol xx

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  • Ha ha. Out of the mouths of babes...... 😀🐸

  • Everything is so black or white at that age they say what often we think.x

  • Kids will tell the truth.I know you could have feel out!!! You have to love them, right?? Enjoy her while you can.Peck👼👼

  • That's one of the perks of having grand kid's

  • When the younger granddaughter was about four I refused to take her on a bus for ages, she used to comment on everything, she said to one lady" you are very old aren't you" the lady replied "yes I am" then my little darling said "Oh you'll be dead soon then" xx

  • Omg thats sooo funny x

  • Oh dear! Kids! Thanks for sharing my friend I really loved that one x :)

  • Kidz say the most funniest things X

  • When my son was three, we had a little holiday in Mablethorpe, which has a lovely paddling pool and play area. Ben loved playing in water and was having a great time when he saw a man in a wheelchair who'd had a leg amputated. Ben, friendly as ever, went to say hello to the man, who was delighted. The man said "I wish I could go in the paddling pool, it looks like great fun". Ben replied "You can go in, just do this" and went on to demonstrate to the man how to hop into the pool!

    I wanted the ground to swallow me up but the man roared with laughter and said Ben was the best tonic he ever met. He even went off and bought Ben an ice cream for making him laugh so much. x

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