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Worst situation?

 I like reading the posts and information.

Health unlocked gives insight into our world with Fibromyalgia

I am not a negative person.

Just thought do you the reader have a worst situation with Fibro?

Where was it?

Maybe when was it(given we have memory loss!)

How did you turn it around i.e. make it a better issue?

I will share.

I like holidays well who does not?

I went to Maderia a numbers of year ago. With my mobility I cannot do aeroplane steps.

Upshot being two airline company posters fireman lifted me down the plane steps!

What happened the next day was interesting. The rep from the company we booked with came for the welcome meeting.

My hubby and I explained the issues at the airport. She knew about Fibro and talked (Ok broken English) about how although she knew I did not look disabled I needed much care!

On return journey it was great.

So try to turn a negative into a positive when/where you can please.

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Hi my "positive" is -  after over 4 years of negative doctors - I have found a good one - phew at last 😃


My positive is my loving family. ...they love me just the way I am!!! I'm also thankful for that as well.Peck👵👴👦👩👦👶👦👩👩 this is all of us!!  ☺


Thats lov peck the love of family cant lift your spirits X


Hi skit,

I think my positive was when I moved into my bungalow. I had reached the stage whereby I couldn't do the stairs etc. So moving (although back breaking) was a massive positive for me!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x :)


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